Ahead of the Big Energica Event, Here’s a Map of Their Current Dealer Network

A screenshot off of Energica’s website. https://www.energicamotor.com/find-dealer/

I just saw this on Linkedin and thought it was interesting. They just added a dealer in Andorra. I thought it was really cool to see the progress they have made in just the last few years. About two of these are Energica only dealers. How many Zero-only dealers are there?

So, even though I got the e-mail about their 2022 lineup, I did miss that there is going to be an in-person Event called the “Energica Force Hub”. Of course, I immediately thought there was going to be an announcement about a new hub motor. But then I took a deep breath and looked around, and I am pretty sure it’s just the name of the event, and something got lost in the translation. The event runs from the 24th to the 25th of November. Prime Turkey time for us US members. Are they trying to leave the US folks out? Are they sneaking something in under the radar of US followers? Did they think they were going to pull a fast one on ol’ @TTXGPFan here? No, I really don’t think so. Accept the last one, definitely. But little did they know that I am now a music teacher and would be on vacation all week! Brrrahahahahahaha! *cough cough [stupid allergies]* Well, on second thought no to that too. 😀

This event will have been going on for about a day by the time you read this. I am booked up Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for obvious reasons. I will try to keep an eye out for anything cool and will either post or talk about it on Monday’s news show.

By the way, the schedule I try to adhere to is to record on Monday afternoon, edit Tuesday afternoon, finish editing Wednesday, and post that evening. So go to your favorite podcatcher (i.e. Spotify) and or YouTube look for ESBK Studios and subscribe, or follow, or whatever that service decides to call it. Also, if it is not showing up on your favorite service, please let me know.

And as always, KTRSD.

Breaking Cover: A Bunch of Random Thoughts

So, I’ve been completely covered up between school, my family, a bout with COVID, trying to get some fitness back, and most recently having lost a co-worker from this world. Saying it’s been a heck of a year for everyone is an understatement. Unfortunately this blog is just a hobby at the end of my list of responsibilities and other hobbies (cycling). It’s also always been a bit of self therapy. I have a bunch of ideas burning up the back of my brain that I could dedicate whole blog posts too. Instead, I’ll list them here and y’all can talk amongst yourselves. I’m on twitter as well, @ttxgpfan. These are mostly car focused as getting our Chevy Bolt last summer has squirreled my two-wheeled focus. Here we in no particular order:

#1. The all Electric F-150 will be more practical than the F-150 Hybrid, as long as I can go rent the gas powered range extender from my local Ford Dealer when I need to tow something

#2. Ford didn’t buy into Rivian to help with their F-150 build. That was too far down the road. They bought into Rivian to help with electrification of the Heavy Duty trucks. Also, is no one noticing that the Transit Electric van is finally only coming to production 2 or 3 years after the purchase of Rivian stock? That maybe unrelated, but hmmmm.

#3. GM can’t ever catch a break. Did you know that the hybrid system on the current F-150 is 3/4 the size of the pack on the ’09-’13 Chevy Silverado Hybrids, and 2/3s the power output? Seriously! WTF? And that was after the mild hybrid system in the ’04 and ’05 Silverado’s. Then they tried again in 2017 and 2018 with and 0.45kWhr system offering only half the efficiency gains. No one cares. But Ford puts outlets on the back pilling a mere 10hp (7.2kW) and the world losses their minds.

#4. When is someone going to make an all electric competitive tractor pull machine? There are ignorants that need putting down.

#5. Tesla fan boys are going to keep Tesla from their potential. I feel this one is a fact. The current crop of fan boys are nothing more than a bunch of bullies, and stupid lemmings at that. In one of those survey’s only YouTuber’s dig up Tesla owner’s have FAR exceeded BMW owner’s in obnoxiousness. You almost can’t turn to any of the original EV YouTube channels and not hear snark, or just plain disappointment in the current crop of Tesla Fanboys. “Like Tesla” changer her channel’s name because she wanted to separate herself from this crowd! The push back will be real.

#6. What is the real story on why EA, Chargepoint, EVgo, and others don’t have Tesla plugs on their chargers? Why would they not try to tap into that market as well (and no comments about a few test units please)? And why, after 12 years, has Tesla not made Superchargers with CCS plugs and a payment system? This makes no business sense.

#7. My wife points out that Tesla only markets towards rich people. At first I baulked against her accusation. But when you look at the location of their stores and Superchargers here in Florida, its hard to argue against.

#8. If Florida is the third largest state in EV ownership why doesn’t Kia sell EVs here? And why do all the car salesmen try to tell me there’s no market for EVs here?

#9. Having CCS and Tesla chargers in different locations is a form of segregation, and creating massive tribalism. See #5.

#10. Dear Elon, no matter how many times you says its not, Tesla IS the car maker version of Apple. All the way from your proprietary charging cables to your fanboys who completely ignore changing technology and who loudly stay in their own echo chambers. And it is completely your responsibility.

#11. I have heard Kyle Conner of Out Of Spec Motoring complain about GM’s car decisions in general. Not just the EV side. Is it possible that a few years ago they put the B team in charge of the gas cars, and set the A team to the task of setting the company up for EV success? I feel like that fits what we have been seeing.

#12. EV adaption is not a thing until ALL the single moms who work a retail job can afford a reliable used one that fits their needs.

#13. THERE ARE NO HYDROGEN STATIONS!!!! Take a look on a map. A handful in Southern California, and a few random research centers around the country.

#14. For consumers who need to tow things long distances range extenders are the best bet until battery tech catches up, and all chargers have pull through bays. However hydrogen is not a solution until you can actually buy it somewhere. Propane is better, but still not convenient. Diesel isn’t even the most convenient. Not every gas station offers it, as well as not every nossel is compatible (that’s right Tesla and CCS didn’t invent this crap). A gasoline/petrol range extender is the most convenient solution as far as I can see.

#15. Ford’s proposed drop in gas range extender is brilliant! What’s the best part of owning an EV? Not changing and worrying about oil changes, and leaks, coolant changes and leaks (these systems are far mor stressed in an ICE system than an EV), belts failing, exhaust systems rusting, exhaust manifold gaskets failing, radiators getting damaged (when’s the last time you heard of an EV owner having to change their radiator?), U-joints, transmission shafts failing, all the damn filters, sparkplugs, all the damn sensors, coils, injectors, fuel pumps, gas tanks developing leaks, emissions equipment failing, and what ever else I forgot. Basically everything in you local auto parts store! You have an all electric truck with way lower fuel costs and plenty of power. No gas motor to worry about. The few times a the year you need to tow something you go to the Ford dealer and rent the range extender. When you come back from your camping trip (etc.) you return it. You are not responsible for the maintenance, they are. No gas motors and systems taking up precious room in the truck the EV system could be using. Just a beautiful, useful, cheap to run, and simple pick-up truck that does everything you need it to do. Including towing long distances the few times a year you need it too.

That’s all I have for now. This should keep everyone busy for a minute or two. 😀