No ElMoto talk. All about Elon getting bored and BEV supply and demand.

Since the week before Christmas break I feel like I’ve been straight out. Not much ElMoto news is out there, at least when compared to the electric cages. And being an SUV owner with a travel trailer I’ve been nose to the storefront window on ANY EV truck news. I watch a LOT of YouTube. And these guys are getting to me. It seems that anyone in a limelight just can’t help getting pulled to one extreme or another. I feel like I can sympathize, but at the same time, I get upset at their inability to recognize it. You have the Tesla Stans on one hand. Tesla is going gangbusters and it’s great! And a lot of people are making a lot of money, which is also great! But, Tesla isn’t the end-all and be-all. It’s a bit like me saying the Clarinet is the one true instrument everyone should play, and playing anything else makes you a lesser person. The extreme Tesla Stans caught up in the excitement Elon attracts feel exactly like that to me. And those two things just aren’t true. Then you have the YouTubers all but shouting how legacy needs to make more EVs now! Or shouting how legacy auto is dead and how EV sales numbers are going through the roof. Well, I spent a sleepless night recovering from COVID (for the 2nd time) and dug around for these numbers. The Electric Viking had me convinced 50% of all new cars sold in France were BEVs. Not even close.

Now what is really funny is that I have not found one report that agrees with another’s numbers. But they are all in the ballpark. I am NOT counting plug-in Hybrids. I feel those are more vacuum fillers as the BEV sales go up. But England for 2021 is about 10% BEV sales. France is about 15% I think. Norway is over 50% (that’s as accurate a number I dare give). China is, ah hell, I don’t know. Maybe 30%, but that might be anything with a plug. Those countries are on the steeper part of the S curve. Where’s the US? I mean COVID, right. Sales are through the roof, right? Are you ready for this? We crawled up to 3% from 2% BEV sales. Opps, I really gotta pause and get laundry going . . . And I’m back. Where was I? Oh yeah. THREE PERCENT!!! 3 Mother Effing PERCENT! That’s it! Americans bought about 400,000 BEVs. As a side note, they bought about 800,000 PHEVs, twice as many. Europe and China are taking off, and maybe some of the other Asian markets as well. But the US is in the back drinking beer with the rest of the world. Then what is the damn hurry? Says the man that owns a BEV and regular hybrid already. If our pattern of EV buying follows the UK I figure we are 4-5 years behind them. Next year I figure we’ll sell 600,000 BEVs, or 4% of next year’s car market.

By the way, about 300,000 of those BEVs sold in the US were Teslas. Only 1/3 of all the EVs Tesla made went to the US. And of which they sold 3 for every 1 BEV that all the competition sold combined. They don’t have the level of dominance anywhere else. The parallels to the iPhone are staggering. No matter how much Elon really doesn’t Tesla to be the Apple of EVs, it sure seems like the people below him are clearly making sure it is, and it stays that way. But that’s me. So as Tesla and everyone else ramps up production from their new/updated factories I crunched some numbers that I found from quotes in articles I figure everyone combined will easily be able to have 600,000 EVs available for the US market, while still supplying the bulk to rest of the world. My predicted supplies, to my surprise, meet by predicted demand for 2023. It’s like these people in charge know what they are doing. And these YouTubers only know how to make videos. Hmmm. And then I heard last night and today that Ford plans to be able to make 600,000 BEVs a year in 22 months. And GM said that when they convert the Chevy Bolt plant to make Silverado and Sierra EVs they aim to make 600,000 of just those the same year. My Shadetree guestimates say Americans will be up for buying 900,000 to 1,000,000 BEVs in 2024. Ford is selling a lot of Mach-Es overseas, and they have a factory making them in China. They even said they are delaying the Explorer and Edge EVs so they can make more Mach-Es. Did I mention that Ford is going to crush GM in BEV sales this year? But GM is focused on making 600,000 of just their EV 1/2 ton trucks in 2024. That is not counting the Hummer EV, Blazer EV, Equinox EV, Buick EVs for the China market, Bright Drop trucks, Lyriq and Celestiq, and all those cheap little Chinese cars they partner in making in China. Plus anything else they will announce between then and now. Ford’s going the Tesla route of making a ton of a few cars. GM clearly feels their Ultium tech is future-proof enough and scalable enough that it makes supporting lots of bodies on top of the Ultium platforms affordable. You should look to see GM continue to put out new models with limited initial production runs. I feel like GM wants to use the time it’s going to take to ramp up Ultium production to get all the models they can get going, going so that everyone ramps up together in a nice progressive manner. That’s a lot of planning and tight execution needed. But it means an absolute explosion of BEVs available for sale as US and worldwide demand ramps up. And the opposite of the proven Tesla one at a time model. I mean, ramping up currently for World and US demand looks great for Tesla and Ford. But what happens when all those smaller countries taking up EV adaption right behind the US start wanting cars? I feel like GM is taking a big risk, but it might pay off. Finger crossed.

But man did I digress. The real point is that these people in charge actually know what they are doing. And I’m really not sure when any YouTuber says “they’re not doing this right”, or “they’re not doing enough of that”, we should be listening very closely. Americans as a whole are not ready to buy EVs yet. And I feel we won’t see half of us ready to do that until 2026 or 2027. Much less all of us. Let’s be honest, this is ‘Merica. And it always has been. We throw some artists a few bucks once in a while for making us look good (cue resentment), and that’s about it. There will always be that guy, say 15 years from now, that’s driving around with a loaded gun in his ICE truck because he actually thinks someone in the “government” is coming for it. And he’s ready damn it. He probably watches the Car Coach. He’s also bitching to anyone who will listen about how hard it is to find gas anymore. Meanwhile, no one cares about any of it and just wish he’d go away. Besides that guy, I feel it’s going to be a slow but progressively faster uptake that is going to take its time. There is a LOT of attention on EVs as evidenced by all the YouTube channels and websites. But when I go to work with 80 cars in the parking lot and mine is the only BEV, and maybe there’s a Prius or two, I know American’s are there yet. And there are a lot of people running their mouths saying giant companies with tons of data and very qualified people in charge don’t know what they’re doing. Let’s take the Electric Viking, my punching bag of the month. He recently dived into GM a bit and bright light to some stuff showing that GM is much more in the game than people know. However, he talked about one or two EVs over in China, one being the Buick EV that he said would be perfect for the US market. Maybe the second one was from a different company. But he said it just made no sense that they weren’t sold in the US. Well maybe, Electric Viking, if it’s happened twice then maybe, just maybe there’s a perfectly good reason they don’t sell those cars in the US. And you haven’t dug or thought hard enough to figure out that reason. Just a thought. I say after I’ve laid out a theory so high on the crackpot scale it defies sense. [Sigh] Oh well. Just listen critically folks. At this point, I feel that these companies have everything in hand. Chystler/Dodge/Jeep are just going to keep selling ICE to those who don’t want BEVs, and will sustain them for at least a decade. Accept maybe Jeep. If their 4Xe sales are as good as the CEO says they may convert ahead of schedule. I see them letting Ford and GM chase Tesla and just sitting back and copying what works. They won’t be a leader, but they won’t be broke either.

And then there’s Elon and Tesla. I very much feel Tesla is so big, and he has his other companies going, that there are forces at work in Tesla doing what they want to do and not what Elon necessarily wants. But . . . Elon is bored with cars. He’s moved on to robots! Which, hilariously as proven in a poll posted by the KiloWatts on Twitter, no one gives a flying fart about! OMG, I laughed pretty hard at that. Look, here’s the rub. Tesla is going to do cool things and make lots of money for their shareholders. I have no doubt it’s a great direction for the company. So Tesla stockholders relax. However, how many people are into Tesla because of the cars, and have only been paying lip service to the “Telsa’s not a car company. It’s a tech company.” slogan? Yeah, well time to pay the piper. The company has now made more money than they have lost over the entire history of the company. So now his company is legit. Check. He made cars that have compelled the auto industry to get a move on. Actually, that’s not right. He introduced BEV cars that motivated people to switch to electricity. Something no one else was able to do. Now the world is on course to switching to BEVs. Check. He’s embarrassed the companies whose CEOs at the time poked fun and said no could, and all the short-sellers who tried to crush his company for no reason. Check and check. He has his new Gigafactories up and running embarrassing legacy Auto once again in their efficiency. Check. He’s good. So ah, Cybertruck, the New Roadster, and the Tesla Semi? ‘Weeeelll. Robots for manufacturing!’ Ahem, Cybertruck, the New Roadster, and the Tesla Semi. ‘Well, not this year we have too much with the new factories and new 4860 cells (another check). Hopefully next year.’ What about the “Model 2” you’ve hinted about in the past and the Electric Viking made a whole video about and has yet to retract? ‘Oh no, no, no. We don’t have time for that at all. Did I mention ROBOTS! Oh, and FSD will be done this year (again)!’ No check. Meanwhile, Mary Barra takes a ride in a Cruise Bolt. ‘But no, for real this time, and ROBOTS!’

It is my opinion that Elon just put Tesla Motors on cruise control. He’s bored with it. It’s now in the hands of his underlings who literally write no procedures for people to get refunds on FSD subscriptions. Fleece the sheeple as much as possible might be their new moto. There is NO path for people who can only afford used cars to get any kind of Tesla. The whole point he was supposed to get to. There hasn’t been a $35,000 Model 3 in years. The Model Y starts at $50,000, except for like 2 weeks that one time? He never made an affordable car for the masses. He never finished his original plan. And, he’s leaving a lot of money on the table with those 4 other cars. Clearly, he feels he’s going to make more money making robots for factories, than the money he’s leaving on the table by tabling (pardon the pun) all those cars.

But only the hardcore Tesla shareholders that understood that Tesla was a tech company from the beginning are all in. Everyone else heard the critics say that the Semi, Cybertruck, new Roadster, and “Model 2” are all vaporware. But they are SUPER exciting cars and trucks that could revolutionize the world (probably/maybe). And they have held the excitement line defending these super cool vehicles. It turns out the critics might be right. The Cybertruck does not have a final design. And they haven’t figured out how to make it cheap enough yet. And the “Model 2” isn’t even a thing. And Roadster and Semi that were announced together to jack stock prices because they are soooo cool. But we all thought it was because they were going to make and deliver them by now. They are in the same place the Cybertruck is. Vaporware. What a gut punch for fans. And a 10% drop in stock prices was the reaction.

But hey! ROBOTS!

Excuses, excuses, excuses

Hello all! I hope you had a very happy holidays. Mine was full. Over full really. I have had a hard time finding the energy I need to get things back up to speed. Home and work come first, then this. I am honestly not trying to make excuses. But I also hate when websites and YouTube channels don’t post for a long time with no word. I am slowly getting things back on track. Here’s how I plan to move forward.

One or two people over at the Electric Motorcycle Forum pointed out that an hour long new round up was just too much. This came about when I missed a week and put 2 or 3 week’s worth of news into one show. And, if you go back to catch up with podcasts it’s hard to keep track of if it’s not consistent. So, what I plan to do is go and record an episode that covers only one week. That’ll give you the shorter show you might like, and keep things more organized. I’ll have to put out more than one a week to catch up. Not sure how that is going to go. But I have a plan at least.

Also, I’ve been very distracted by what is going on in the 4 wheel space. European’s really don’t get truck culture at all.

Energica 2022 Line Up!

This is all from an e-mail I got. Well, I think everyone got one who signs up for their e-mail list. Looks like there are mostly some new fairings and paint schemes. But it also looks like maybe the new motor is now standard? We’ll see when I get a chance to check out the updated website. Anyway, I’ll copy and paste the Press release stuff here. Enjoy the pic and video above.

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Zero’s 2022 Line up has just dropped

Downloaded from Zero’s site

Hey folks. There is a lot to unpack here and I can’t tonight, but here are my first impressions. I am trying suuuper hard to stay positive. This Old dog needs to learn a few new tricks when it comes to Zero and positivity. But this just isn’t what I was thinking when I pictured an updated Zero SR in my head. There are advantages. There is an upgrade path. Hense the Cypher store. But as is always the upgrade path costs more in the long run. I have seen these schemes over and over and over again. Zero is not the first one to come up with this. But I have never really seen it work out so well. But I’ve never been behind the sceens enough to know if that kind of scheme works in the long run. But it seems to me that usually the people who can afford buy the expensive model because it’s less expensive over all and everyone else keeps dreaming. If you liked the super light (for an elmoto) SR it appears gone for good. The S is only available in the smaller 7.2kWhr pack still, and a charge pack only adds 3.6kWhrs. I feel if they are going this route with the SR, then they should have offered an S with the new pack. Also no DSR/X. Sorry Ride Apart. Oh, and for the base model SR, SR/F, and SR/S the tank is called the 14.4+. The but the premium model you get the full pack right? Nope. The premium package gets the 15.6+ pack.

On the good news the pack is expanded to 17.3 kWrs! I just said on Monday what’s with the pack size not changing for 4 years. Well, now we know. But you have to pay for that upgrade in the Cyphon store. With the Power tank it’s “nearly 21kWhrs.” Still not besting Energica. And why not? Well, the power tank is still only 3.6kWhrs. This is normal. If you look back in time every time a new pack comes out the power tank usually doesn’t get until the next year. So a 4.3kWhr Power tank should be out next year if history is anything to go by. That would put it at 21.6kWhr . . . 2 years after Energica. Hmmm. There’s more to dig through for sure.

Look I have never agreed, well rarely agreed with the choices that Zero has made over the years. But from where I’m sitting, that has worked out really really well for them.

Check out the bikes for yourself here.

On 10yr Anniversary Lost Blog Posts Found and Online!

As I have already said on Facebook and Twitter I found the one file I had been missing for years. If you don’t have much experience with WordPress sites you can download a single file and import it to your new WordPress and other blogger-type sites and they will all upload and in categories and chronological order. I found the file I had saved back in 2015 when I shut down, last night. Well, this morning really. Fittingly on the 10-year anniversary of starting this little corner of the internet from which I can shout. Everything is in chronological order and searchable by category. It’s also made double pages as well. I will sort all that out over time. The podcasts from that era don’t work. I have most of them, but not all. I will continue to work on things. So feel free to poke around and enjoy a bit of history. Personally, I am very relieved to have this body of work back from the grave.

Kyle Conner of Out of Spec Motoring is WRONG!

Now, in all fairness, he’s probably humble enough to wonder why more articles about him don’t start with this title. Also, I don’t find his content to be the least factual. However, and especially of late, his ‘frankness’ feels a whole more like poorly thought out, ’cause I feel this way’, word vomit than actual well thought out and helpful insights.

Where is this coming from? And what is the point of this particular word vomit salad that I have decided to post to the internet? Fair enough. Where it is headed is pack size. Specifically his well-voiced opinion that smaller packs with faster-charging speed are what people need for affordable EVs. I feel he is wrong. Like really wrong. And he is beating this drum hard, or at least has. I will explain why I feel he is wrong in a second, but my concern is this. I have watched EV and Elmoto manufacturers make choices for their vehicles over the years that I and/or countless other “journalists” have thought were short-sighted, or just wrong. I feel like the “journalists” are usually wrong, and these companies and people within them have data and resources showing them the right thing to do that the “journalists” don’t have. And over time, in the long run, the “journalists” are proven wrong. However, they have written so many emotionally charged articles by then no one pays attention and goes, “man you get a lot of stuff wrong. Why am I listening to you again?” And worst case they are so loud or listened to, that they wrongly sway public opinion and lead or force companies down the wrong road. Sometimes they lead greedy companies to act correctly. But if “journalists” keep getting things wrong why should companies do anything other than chuckle quietly to themselves? They should, and some of these new ones I feel do pay attention and give attention to the “journalists” who get things right. Which is very nice to see. It should be obvious, but may not be, that this particular paragraph is a personal critique on journalism in general that I formed AFTER blogging and podcasting regularly for 2 or 3 years. It gave me an insight, and what I have noticed since continues to leave a bitter taste in my mouth. This criticism will be applied to this particular subject and to this particular person. He is making a lot of contacts in the car industry and has very quickly.

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Does Sandy Munro’s Brain just Randomly Shut Off? Updated:

Fist watch this:

Now what I am about to say does not go against Mr. Munro’s point about Ford being 2nd to Tesla in EVs. His measure of who’s on top is who has the best handle on the technology. And proof in the pudding for him is efficiency. How many miles/kWhr is your car getting people, and as well how efficiently was the car made. Here’s the problem. And it’s a really big problem. And when my brain tries to process that this guy is a lifelong engineer it makes it a huge problem. He holds up a graphic from a report his company has generated. It uses the EPA range ratings to prove his point. Only the range tests that Inside EVs and others have dome have proven that those ratings are crap. The first reason is that Tesla plays the game ad gets the biggest range numbers that no one gets. The other thing is that many of the manufactures are choosing to de-rate the range of their cars to better set up consumer expectations. Just look at Porches’ and then Ford’s EPA range numbers and all of the range tests out there. They beat them not by miles, but by MILES. This is not new, and has been known for months. Now, this makes Tesla look worse and Ford a whole lot better. But WHY is an Engineering company KNOWINGLY using KNOW FLASE information to support arguments!? Maybe it doesn’t fit his story that Tesla is YEARS ahead of everyone else?

And don’t get me started on this guy and charging . . .

Update: After writing this I decided THEN was a good time to check some facts [feel free to roll your eyes]. So, on InsideEVs own testing the Long Range Model Y got 3.85 miles/kWhr on their 70mph test. The Mach-E Extended range Single motor got 3.26 miles/kWhr. And the All wheel drive version only went 2 miles less with a different driver in different parts of the country. The Standard range all wheel drive went 3.32 miles/kWhr. Converting the MPGe he uses translates to 3.71 for the tesla and 3.00 for the Mach-e. So Tesla clearly has an advantage still. But a few 10ths make a big difference in range, especially the bigger the pack gets. So I guess he’s not as out to lunch as I thought, but I still very much buck against his poor method in this case.

This might help. If I convert M/kWhr that InsideEvs recorded into MPGe you get the Tesla at 130MPGe, and the Big pack Mach-Es at 110MPGe, and the small pack at 112MPGe.

How about a blog post actually about electric motorcycles?

Range and efficiency. As much as I’d like to think I am not that kind of nerd, I so am. Every time a new EV comes out I want to know does it go further than my Bolt, and how efficient is it? If it does neither I ignore it. If it does one or the other pay attention. There hasn’t been one yet that does both for a similar price. I think my efficiency thing was kicked off by the announcements of the new Kia and Hyundai EVs, as well as the Lucid Air long range car. The old Korean cars got Tesla rivaling 4-5 miles per kWhr. And the long-range Air was claiming the same thing. But not according to the EPA in the case of Lucid, and tests over in Europe for the two Korean cars. While the Lucid clearly has the range, the Korean cars do not go further enough (or further at all) than my Bolt. While the Lucid is rated at 125MPGe vs my Bolt’s 120MPGe. 5 mile/kWhr is just shy of 170MPGe for reference.

Whoa, hold it right there. I cranked this little blog post out late at night, half because it actually is elmoto related, and half as an attempt (and relatively successful) at getting my brain to shut off and let me sleep. But there’s a big problem with the last sentence of the above paragraph. the word “rated”. You can’t use the EPA rating to compare EVs ‘ actual efficiency. If you do you are giving some engineers too much credit, and a fair number not enough. In the case of my Bolt, my experience is that they are about spot on. The reason is simple and made most obvious by Ford’s Mach-E. Ford intentionally underrated their first ground-up EV. Don’t believe me, check the EPA ratings, and then see how the small pack single motor Mach-E got within 2 miles of my 2020 Bolt’s range on Inside EVs 70mph Highway tests. Also, check out how every Porche goes 50-70 miles further on their 70mph highway test than the car’s EPA rating. This applies to these motorcycles as well. I am very very certain that Zero does their EPA range rating on a dyno. Hence why the SR/F and SR/S have the same range ratings yet very different real-world ranges from the videos I have found. But the same thing happens here because Harley-Davidson very obviously derated their range to set more accurate expectations for their customers. But when surfing Youtube for real-life numbers I find the ‘Hog’ to be really close to the Zero’s efficiency, with the Italian machine a full mile per kWhr less or more than the two American-made machines. Back to your late-night brain dump blog post.

So this got me to thinking about which of the 3 most talked-about Elmotos (at least in my mind) were the most efficient. And after that, why do I care? Well, I figured it out. Now I want a bike that I can commute to work and back on. But also be able to give me a satisfying ride length for the fun rides. Now things have changed as I have written this post. I can no longer commute to work by motorcycle. Not that I have for over a decade. But when I owned motorcycles that ran [insert snarky comment here] I commuted every day. My Jeep would sit for a week before I needed it for a run somewhere back during my single days in Maine. Obviously, the Jeep got its use during the winter. But now my son goes to school with me. I am very chuffed that I get to take my son to school in an EV knowing that his 3yr old brain isn’t being hindered by gas or diesel fumes. But what does that leave for me now? My whole motorcycle life was riding a motorcycle everywhere and only using my car when I needed it. Also, I can’t go off for an all-day ride anymore. But a 2-3 hour ride sounds nice. I honestly don’t know as I haven’t got my old 500 Interceptor going yet and seen what South West Florida roads have to offer. I figure one charging stop would get me plenty far. But, 2 more years and the little guy will be in Kindergarten and taking the bus at our local school. So there’s always hope, and I’ll stick with commuting as my example.

After some easy digging on the internet, I got rough, real case miles/kWhr. The Energica Eva Rebelle with the 21.5kWhr pack got, by one owner, a 120mile range giving it roughly an efficiency of 5.6 miles/kWhr. The Zeros SR/F got a range of 89 miles for 6.2 miles/kWhr. The H-D Livewire range test I found had boon hooning it and when he got home he had 30% and 31 miles left on the gage, which I have seen multiple times as being rewarded for being accurate. This gets the LiveWire 6.7 miles/kWhr. And the same guy how owned the Eva owned an SR/S. He got 100 miles. I also saw reported a 70mph range test with a smaller lighter rider tucked, and they also got 100 miles out of the bike. That proves the fairings make a difference at 6.9 miles/kWhr.

Now, why does that make a hill of beans difference? Well, my daily commute to my school (I’m an Elementary Music Teacher) is 52.2 miles round trip. For reference currently, I am getting 4.2 miles per kWhr, and one day I hit 4.3. In the FL winter, it can go as low as 3.6. Using the efficiency numbers from the bikes I can see if the bikes can make an emergency trip home and back for something I forgot. (Why I am using efficiency and not just range, I have no idea. More math is more fun maybe?) There is a DC fast charger just past halfway on the way home. With no DCFC option, the Zeros are out. I’m screwed going home and will have to limp to the Chevy or Nissan Dealer just a few miles from my house. Now, if I got the extra battery pack taking me to 18kWhrs, THAT would be enough. But that would limit me to the 6kW charger, and that would make weekend riding no fun. You can have the Power tank or the Charge Tank, but not both. And I have yet to see if you can get the full 12kW charging speeds on a 208V commercial power line. And even then I’d still have to buy a Tesla Tap and charge on Tesla convenience chargers instead of more convenient DCFC stations. And there aren’t any of those for something like a 30-mile radius from my house. I live in a Tesla dead zone. I’ve seen at least oneTesla charging at the CHAdeMO chargers.

Now, the Live Wire. The Live Wire makes it to the EA station. A quick top-up on the way home, and I’m good to go. However, any of Energica’s 21.5 kWhr pack bikes would make the mistake day double run with no worries. No need to have to stop on the way home, even while getting less than a mile/kWhr than most of the other options. If my job was 5 miles closer the SR/S with a charge tank would be the ticket. But for an SR/F to work 17 miles would have to be the distance with a reasonable buffer. Or Zero could just spec them with CCS chargers.

I wrote years ago that CCS chargers were the way things needed to be. And back then, almost 10 years ago, I thought they were right around the corner. Ha! At least I got one thing right back then. So, the Zeros, without DCFC CCS ports do not work in my use case. It’s a Live Wire or an Energica. Well, let us dig deeper. At 5.6 Miles/kWhr and an estimated 10,179 miles commuting to work a year the Eva (I’d rather have the Ego but not much on the big pack version of that bike yet) would cost me $199.94 for the year, at current electricity rates. The Live wire would cost me $167.12. My Bolt would be about $287.10. Also, look at pack life span. Bigger packs tend to last longer because they go through fewer charge cycles per given milage. That is assuming the batteries have the same charge cycle life span. I don’t know if this is or isn’t the case. The savings in electricity aren’t that much to sway the convenience of the longer range and possible longer life of the Energica. But the convenience isn’t so much greater to sway me the other way either. The new price tag of the Livewire might, but man and Ego RS gets my motor running. But do I need that on a commute to an Elementary school? I’d get serious cool points though. Man . . .

Frankly, I don’t have money for either. But then again this site has never been much about reality. 😉

In Search of the elusive FREE DCFC

I went on a scouting “mission” to find the closest Free Greenlots DCFC to my house. I ended up recording a bunch of stuff I had been wanting to for a while, such as Android Auto app reviews. Hope some find it useful. I apologize for recording it in Portrait rather than Landscape. It was all last minute.

Breaking Cover: A Bunch of Random Thoughts

So, I’ve been completely covered up between school, my family, a bout with COVID, trying to get some fitness back, and most recently having lost a co-worker from this world. Saying it’s been a heck of a year for everyone is an understatement. Unfortunately this blog is just a hobby at the end of my list of responsibilities and other hobbies (cycling). It’s also always been a bit of self therapy. I have a bunch of ideas burning up the back of my brain that I could dedicate whole blog posts too. Instead, I’ll list them here and y’all can talk amongst yourselves. I’m on twitter as well, @ttxgpfan. These are mostly car focused as getting our Chevy Bolt last summer has squirreled my two-wheeled focus. Here we in no particular order:

#1. The all Electric F-150 will be more practical than the F-150 Hybrid, as long as I can go rent the gas powered range extender from my local Ford Dealer when I need to tow something

#2. Ford didn’t buy into Rivian to help with their F-150 build. That was too far down the road. They bought into Rivian to help with electrification of the Heavy Duty trucks. Also, is no one noticing that the Transit Electric van is finally only coming to production 2 or 3 years after the purchase of Rivian stock? That maybe unrelated, but hmmmm.

#3. GM can’t ever catch a break. Did you know that the hybrid system on the current F-150 is 3/4 the size of the pack on the ’09-’13 Chevy Silverado Hybrids, and 2/3s the power output? Seriously! WTF? And that was after the mild hybrid system in the ’04 and ’05 Silverado’s. Then they tried again in 2017 and 2018 with and 0.45kWhr system offering only half the efficiency gains. No one cares. But Ford puts outlets on the back pilling a mere 10hp (7.2kW) and the world losses their minds.

#4. When is someone going to make an all electric competitive tractor pull machine? There are ignorants that need putting down.

#5. Tesla fan boys are going to keep Tesla from their potential. I feel this one is a fact. The current crop of fan boys are nothing more than a bunch of bullies, and stupid lemmings at that. In one of those survey’s only YouTuber’s dig up Tesla owner’s have FAR exceeded BMW owner’s in obnoxiousness. You almost can’t turn to any of the original EV YouTube channels and not hear snark, or just plain disappointment in the current crop of Tesla Fanboys. “Like Tesla” changer her channel’s name because she wanted to separate herself from this crowd! The push back will be real.

#6. What is the real story on why EA, Chargepoint, EVgo, and others don’t have Tesla plugs on their chargers? Why would they not try to tap into that market as well (and no comments about a few test units please)? And why, after 12 years, has Tesla not made Superchargers with CCS plugs and a payment system? This makes no business sense.

#7. My wife points out that Tesla only markets towards rich people. At first I baulked against her accusation. But when you look at the location of their stores and Superchargers here in Florida, its hard to argue against.

#8. If Florida is the third largest state in EV ownership why doesn’t Kia sell EVs here? And why do all the car salesmen try to tell me there’s no market for EVs here?

#9. Having CCS and Tesla chargers in different locations is a form of segregation, and creating massive tribalism. See #5.

#10. Dear Elon, no matter how many times you says its not, Tesla IS the car maker version of Apple. All the way from your proprietary charging cables to your fanboys who completely ignore changing technology and who loudly stay in their own echo chambers. And it is completely your responsibility.

#11. I have heard Kyle Conner of Out Of Spec Motoring complain about GM’s car decisions in general. Not just the EV side. Is it possible that a few years ago they put the B team in charge of the gas cars, and set the A team to the task of setting the company up for EV success? I feel like that fits what we have been seeing.

#12. EV adaption is not a thing until ALL the single moms who work a retail job can afford a reliable used one that fits their needs.

#13. THERE ARE NO HYDROGEN STATIONS!!!! Take a look on a map. A handful in Southern California, and a few random research centers around the country.

#14. For consumers who need to tow things long distances range extenders are the best bet until battery tech catches up, and all chargers have pull through bays. However hydrogen is not a solution until you can actually buy it somewhere. Propane is better, but still not convenient. Diesel isn’t even the most convenient. Not every gas station offers it, as well as not every nossel is compatible (that’s right Tesla and CCS didn’t invent this crap). A gasoline/petrol range extender is the most convenient solution as far as I can see.

#15. Ford’s proposed drop in gas range extender is brilliant! What’s the best part of owning an EV? Not changing and worrying about oil changes, and leaks, coolant changes and leaks (these systems are far mor stressed in an ICE system than an EV), belts failing, exhaust systems rusting, exhaust manifold gaskets failing, radiators getting damaged (when’s the last time you heard of an EV owner having to change their radiator?), U-joints, transmission shafts failing, all the damn filters, sparkplugs, all the damn sensors, coils, injectors, fuel pumps, gas tanks developing leaks, emissions equipment failing, and what ever else I forgot. Basically everything in you local auto parts store! You have an all electric truck with way lower fuel costs and plenty of power. No gas motor to worry about. The few times a the year you need to tow something you go to the Ford dealer and rent the range extender. When you come back from your camping trip (etc.) you return it. You are not responsible for the maintenance, they are. No gas motors and systems taking up precious room in the truck the EV system could be using. Just a beautiful, useful, cheap to run, and simple pick-up truck that does everything you need it to do. Including towing long distances the few times a year you need it too.

That’s all I have for now. This should keep everyone busy for a minute or two. 😀