3 thoughts on “Welcome to E . . . bah, TTXGP Matters . . . again

  1. Any chance you (ttxgpfan) are planning to talk with/interview Michael Uhlarik from Amarok Consultants (www.amarokracing.ca)?
    I may be alone in my curiosity, but I am wondering what they are planning on doing this year. I thought there bike looked impressive last year, but did not hear any real news beyond the articles about the bike (e.g. http://www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/canadas-first-electric-superbike-amarok-racing-p1-90969.html) and a partnership with agni.


    1. That is a story I have wanted to follow up on. Thank you for letting me know about your interest as well. Amorok, among others, are one of those teams that made it look like the TTXGP was growing, and that the 75 class was going to work. And then . . . no one showed.

      It is a very creative design, and I have a soft spot for Canadians. When I get back to doing podcasts I will dig around and see what I can do.

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