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I’m older and heavier. Otherwise not much has changed. 😀

Happy Thanksgiving break to everyone who gets to enjoy such a thing. So I worked into the wee hours of the morning trying to tidy up this site, add podcasts that I had found and whose links were broken, and cleaned up the Menu. I will slowly be improving how things are done, look, and sound as time allows.

One of the things I needed to figure out was how to convert my video file to audio and get it out to podcatchers again. My main focus was Spotify, but I decided to go with Podbean as it will make it easy to upload old podcasts to YouTube. Keep an eye out for that in the future. But in the mean time you can just search for “ESBK Studios” in your favorite podcatcher. If you don’t see it please let me know what podcatcher you are using.

Any who, here are some links:

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ESBK Studios Weekly News 19NOV21

So it has been almost 3 weeks since my last episode, and all I can do is apologize. Man, there was a lot of news. This episode is almost an hour. I cover my take on Zero’s 2022 lineup, as well as critiques on other news outlets’ inaccurate and poor coverage. Or in the case of one podcast, I just couldn’t make sense of a few comments but thought they had a few very good points. Also, look forward to regular segments like Richard230’s corner where I tell you what things he has posted on the forums, and “Wha whaa” news stories. If you enjoy it, please subscribe. I have some projects in mind for the summer, but a TON of work to do to get there. Getting to the 1000 subscriber mark will help keep my motivation up. Thank you and KTRSD.

10 Year Anniversary! Here’s a YouTube News Show for You!

Can you believe I have been occasionally yelling in my own corner of the internet for 10 Years? I can’t. A lot has changed, that is for sure. I made this news video for fun without realizing it was being made 10 years after I had started this blog and podcast. I hope to devote some time to sprucing things up around here. Enjoy, and Happy Halloween!

Scratch That

Well, turned out to be a failure, huh. Oh, wait . . . anyone there?  Probably not. Haha, hopefully not. As you may have read on my FaceBook page I could no longer justify the cost of maintaining the site. And then I got laid off, so there you go. Continue reading “Scratch That”

A Quick Preview of 2015’s Racing: Updated.

Hello All, long time no writing.

This is just a Quick and Dirty  from here in the North Sea. As is typical I receive next to nothing from teams or series in my in box. The only way I get info from manufactures is because I sign up for their news letters. eMotoRacing is getting better and their Facebook page keeps you pretty up to date.

eMotoRacing (USA): Well these folks (OK the dude) put the racing schedule up months ago. The first round has already gone down and looks like another solid year of club racing for them with some former Superbike racers fielding bikes on the grid. The biggest news is Round 2 is this weekend, so stay tuned to their Facebook page and website for the details. And keep an eye out in April for a 100hp Empulse R hot rod, the work of Brian Wismann (Brammo’s Dir. of Prod. Dev.) and Ely Schless. Its a not for certain deal, and may be a private entry as for now it is a side project the two are doing on their own time.

Moto-E (Europe): The brainchild of a member of the now defunct TTXGP has yet to post a schedule. I know of at least one bike being built that series that is looking pretty badass. A few months back I was assured that there would be a series this year, but the website hasn’t been updated since September and I have seen no official word. Looks like more of the same from across the pond. Bad show ol’ boys.

eFX (Australia): Well, after the media guys who were trying to push the series hard gave up, its pretty much any other club series no one else pays attention too. [Update} Oh, I finally got the site to load and stumble my way through it. The first race is this weekend.

Pikes Peak: So far there are 4 production based Zeros signed up, and 3 prototypes. So that should be fun. No Brammo or Lightning.

Ilse of Mann: Mugen will be back with yet another new bike, and Sarolea (sp?) has a pretty active Facebook page, so I suspect they will be back too. I don’t know who eles might show. [Update] Sarolea got a hold of me minuets after I posted this. So first of, thank you guys for being one of the 6 people who still read my blog and being so proactive in keeping me up to date.. 😀 Second, and more importantly, they WILL be back for the 2015 TT Zero, AND with a new bike that is going to be unveiled April 5, 2015. Remember that date. I am excited to see what they bring to the table after a year under their belt!

Elmotos taking on the ICE Armada: Look out for Brammo to bring out and continue to use racing to develop their stuff in the AFM series. The Electric cowboys are taking on the same small displacement GP series they have for the past few years out west, and have been doing it on Zero SRs. Yeah, that seems fair . . . not. Also, there has already been one Empulse owner taking it to the Clubman class bikes in another local series.

That’s all I have for now. I’ll be home in two weeks, but then I am off to finish my music ed degree, so don’t expect to hear much from. Things are heating up though, so keep an eye out on the Facebook page where I try to share all the goings on. As far as the day of 160-200hp elmoto prototypes doing battle at Laguna Seca . . . those days are gone. At best we could hope to see a battle between Mugen, Lightning, and Brammo at the Ilse of Mann, but that is but a pipe dream. Maybe if I win the Lottery. Be sure to tell your grand kids about back in the day when electric two wheeled monsters roamed the earth and did battle like gladiators.


Episode 31: Interview with Shelina Moreda part 2 (of the “lost” interviews)

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And here is the (hopefully) much-anticipated part two of the interview with Shelina. What a way to bring in 2015, no? In this last part we talk a bit about her new Brammo Enertia and about her new motorcycle training school. She mentions a discount for listeners, but please remember this was recorded over a year ago, so you can’t hold her to it.

Episode 31 Interview with Shelina Moreda pt 2

The next episode will be an interview with Kenyon Kluge also from last year about the 2014 Zeros. If you’re a gear head this will be a MUST listen.