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Well, turned out to be a failure, huh. Oh, wait . . . anyone there?  Probably not. Haha, hopefully not. As you may have read on my FaceBook page I could no longer justify the cost of maintaining the site. And then I got laid off, so there you go. Continue reading “Scratch That”

New Site is up, but E-Mail Subscribers need to resubscribe.

Hello everyone.  Ok, I think things are coming under control with the help of GoDaddy’s tech support crew and our favorite IT buddy (thanks Drew!).  However, I have not been able to export the e-mail subscriptions so if you can go back to “” (same name different home) and sign-up for e-mail updates gain I would really appriciate it.

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Ride On Racing Round UP 19MAY13

So last Sunday night I was a call-in guest on  KCBQ Radio AM 1170’s “Ride-On Racing Roundupout” with Dave Stall & Alex Plewniak of San Diego, CA.  They have a lean towards the green technologies and asked me to be on after a fun conversation with the co-hoast Alex Plewniak the other night.  I must be getting real good at sounding like I know what I am talking about.    There is nothing new here for long time listeners and followers accept the different perspectives that come with talking to new people.  I was really nervous, and did my best to keep all the facts straight, but I am sure I messed up a detail or three.  Give it a listen, and you can make fun of me later.

Lots of News out of Zero for the Month of May

Three whole press releases have been posted up on Zero’s website for the month of May.  They have sold 59 bikes to the Hong Kong Police Department through their new dealership there, they won “European E-Motorbike of the Year 2013, and the have just release their Military version of their MX dirt bike.  Not mention is that they are moving (or have moved) to a new, bigger facility in Santa Cruz, and Racer X Illustrated got their hands on a 2013 MX.  Don’t read the comments on the Facebook post if don’t already know that young rednecks actually do have access to the internet.

First the news about the big 59 bike sale.  It’s great for Zero, and at the 2013 release back in January the VP of PR did talk about how good fleet orders had been, and this is at least one of them.  If Hong Kong sounds familiar it is because Brammo has had a relationship the police through Jackie Chan’s Brammo dealership there.  Hong Kong is huge (been there, but in a Las Vegas kind of way) so it would seem there is plenty of room for both companies.  The HKPD is getting 2012 Zero Ss which is still a step up on the Enertia+ in horse power but the Brammo fits in the middles between the two Zero models (ZF6 and ZF9).  In the press release Zero says, “The Zero S has an approximate range of 89 miles on a single charge with a top speed of 88 miles per hour.”  This makes me believe they have the ZF9.  Funny enough real world Enertia+ owners and testers have found it fairly easy to get 80 miles of range in city commuting.  So the bike are pretty comparable, if not the Zero having a fair amount more oomph.  It will be interesting if we ever remember to keep an eye on these two fleets and see how the bikes compare in the long run.

As far as the European award, they didn’t win it against Brammo, much like Brammo didn’t win the Playboy award against the Zero.  The Empulse is not available in Europe yet, however the Enertia is and according to this page it wasn’t compared to any Brammo, but a Mavizen.  That bike is what 3 or 4 years old?  MCN rode one and it seemed pretty good back then.  So while Zero has every right to pat themselves on the back, just as Brammo did over the Playboy Best Electric Motorcycle award, I just can’t give either award a whole lot of weight.  But fair is fair.

And lastly there is Zero’s MIL-Spec MX, the MMX.  It is water submersible up to 1 meter.  To be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me if the stock bikes are this water tight.  It really doesn’t read to be much more than a stock MX with a fancy headlight, some quick disconnects, a switch box, and a nifty reserve and a kind of BMS override when low on power.  It’s cool, and convenient even, but not OMG that’s freakin’ cool, cool.

Still, it is really cool to see so much news is coming out of Zero while Hollywood Electrics is taking it upon themselves to take on the racing effort, which has been dominating the headlines here at  As well it should.

Here are all three press releases.  I recommend you read them: Continue reading “Lots of News out of Zero for the Month of May”