Excuses, excuses, excuses

Hello all! I hope you had a very happy holidays. Mine was full. Over full really. I have had a hard time finding the energy I need to get things back up to speed. Home and work come first, then this. I am honestly not trying to make excuses. But I also hate when websites and YouTube channels don’t post for a long time with no word. I am slowly getting things back on track. Here’s how I plan to move forward.

One or two people over at the Electric Motorcycle Forum pointed out that an hour long new round up was just too much. This came about when I missed a week and put 2 or 3 week’s worth of news into one show. And, if you go back to catch up with podcasts it’s hard to keep track of if it’s not consistent. So, what I plan to do is go and record an episode that covers only one week. That’ll give you the shorter show you might like, and keep things more organized. I’ll have to put out more than one a week to catch up. Not sure how that is going to go. But I have a plan at least.

Also, I’ve been very distracted by what is going on in the 4 wheel space. European’s really don’t get truck culture at all.

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