Episode 9: Interview with Shelina Moreda


This episode’s great interview is with the fast and lovely Shelina Moreda.  If you are a Brammo fan, or curious about the Empulse R and other Brammo goings on this is a must listen!

Episode 9 Shelina Moreda

3 thoughts on “Episode 9: Interview with Shelina Moreda

  1. Fantastic Interview!

    Great Insight on Her Part you should really consider a co-host a la Shelina Moreda or Mike Edwards, they are a great balance for you! 😉

    Eitherway, you’ve done a great job with changes to the podcast intro and new interviews.
    Keep up the hard work.

    1. Thank you, and you are correct. A Co-host would be ideal if I was going to talk more about news and such. And if I wasn’t so irregular with the podcasts. I am working at keeping the intro and out-tro as short as possible, and talk less during the interview. There are more interviews on the way that should be as good if not better. That’s my hope, any way. Thank you for the words of encouragement.

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