Why I’m a Fuddy-Duddy, and should lighten up about Daytona.

So I did an interview with Shelina Moreda the other day and talked about several things.  Honestly we have chatted before, and we don’t agree on many aspects of electric racing, but we respect each others opinions and always find middle ground.  So the subject of who will be racing at Daytona, or more specifically who should be invited (like its up to us) came up we were of differing opinions.  I am a purist, and I think you should only be allowed to race in the World Final if you qualified.  Now, we have an odd situation in the TTXGP that teams choose not to show up, mostly due to funds, and the series isn’t yet big enough to pay the their way.  We also have had one team drop out because of the course.  I feel these riders should be replaced by the next ones down in the championship.  The riders and teams who showed up and finished regularly should be the only ones allowed to race in the world final.  You should not be allowed to just show up race in the TTXGP World Final if you haven’t participated.  It seems to me it would make it harder for the TTXGP to be taken seriously if anyone was allowed to show up for the final and race.

Shelina believes that because it is Daytona it is getting more respect and notice, and putting as many fast bikes in the race as possible, and making it as big a spectral as possible will be hugely beneficial to elmoto racing.  Also, that most people don’t even follow the series and wouldn’t know the difference.  So we made a compromise.  Let anyone who who can run upfront run the race, but they get pulled off on the last lap and let the people who earned their spot race for the win and glory.  Talking to a co-worker who isn’t a motorcycle race fan, but a NASCAR fan, felt letting everyone race to the finish was a better solution, but anyone who didn’t earn their position doesn’t get any claim to the world title.  You can’t imagine the tantrum I would throw if press announced MotoCzysz the World Champion even though all he did was win the race and Lightning had actually won the World Championship.

There is president for this.  The TTXGP has bent their rules to make sure the show is good and teams could be included during the regular season over the past few years.  A word had come down the pipe line that the e-Power folks were going to enforce their qualifying rule at Laguna, when in fact they let everyone who showed up and made an effort, race.  Really what it comes down to is that we all want best for the sport and the series.  I am not completely convinced letting people who didn’t make the “show” race, sends the right message to potential racers, teams, and industry in general.  But if it means people will take us a little more seriously, I am willing to compromise my elitism.

2 thoughts on “Why I’m a Fuddy-Duddy, and should lighten up about Daytona.

  1. I think everyone should race. Give out two trophies, #1 at Daytona and #1 world champion.

    Works the same way as the regional championships. You can lose the last race (or come in #2) but still win the championship.

  2. So far there have been two world finals and both didn’t reflect the best electric technology in track (don’t be offended who won it). Now maybe there will be another World final without the real protagonists (the fastest motorcycles). In Italy there is a proverb that says: “There isn’t two without three” (Non c’è due senza tre)

    However, the problem is upstream! I personally don’t settle for a World final place, but I would like the championships organized well with teams who believe in them to spread their product!

    Today the teams no longer believe in the series to disseminate their image, this is the sad truth!

    You had to start at the bottom and make calendars for small categories-amateur teams but has chosen to focus on the top team, but Top teams want the best series to spread their image and therefore have decided not to compete or to compete only in the relevant events!

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