Press Release: MotoE World Cup: Ducati Tests Electric Prototype At Misano

From Ducati’s press release

So I just saw this pop up on Linkedin. Now remember the big claim for Ducati taking over bike building of the one make series was lighter race bikes in the name of safety. Ducati also feels their traction control system will be a big step forward in safety and familiarity with riders. I feel they can absolutely claim that while at the same time casting absolutely no dispursions at Energica’s effort. They simply have been able to put in that much more work for that many more years. Simple as that. The lightweight part I’m a bit suspect on. But they are claiming it is already lightweight. Just what they consider lightweight I would like to know, but for now I will give them the benifit of the doubt.

Michael Uhlarik had his unique designer take on what he saw, and posted it on Linkedin, “

Ducati Motor Holding released images of the prototype electric race bike they plan to supply the FIM for the all-electric MotoE series.

Notable is the wide, tall fairing devoid of the edges and winglets that normally adorn gas-powered street bikes. Like its MotoGP sibling, the fairing design is clean and focuses on hiding the rider as much as possible.

With electric motorcycles, drag reduction is paramount, and rational aerodynamic efficiency has to supersede styling trends. Aerodynamic devices that to add downforce, such as winglets, also add drag.

While this prototype is almost certainly wearing off-the-shelf Ducati MotoGP fairings for development purposes, it highlights physical reality. Motorcycles will have to evolve towards cleaner, less fussy designs as they transit to electric power trains.

We live in interesting times.”

Here’s the press release I found on Ducati’s website. Enjoy:

“Ducati MotoE bike takes to the track for the first time on the Misano circuit

The Ducati MotoE bike took to the track for the first time at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, right where the agreement with Dorna Sports was announced in October. In fact, starting from the 2023 season, the Borgo Panigale motorcycle manufacturer will be the sole supplier of motorcycles for the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup, the electric class of the MotoGP™ World Championship.

The electric motorcycle prototype, code-named “V21L”, is the result of the joint work of the Ducati Corse team and the Ducati R&D engineers, led by Roberto Canè, Ducati eMobility Director, and was taken out on track by Michele Pirro, professional rider and Ducati test rider since 2013, who evaluated the technical characteristics and potential of Ducati’s first electric motorcycle. 

Roberto Canè, Ducati eMobility Director: “We are experiencing a truly extraordinary moment. I find it hard to believe it is reality and still not a dream! The first electric Ducati on the track is exceptional not only for its uniqueness but also for the type of undertaking: challenging both for its performance objectives and for its extremely short timescales. Precisely for this reason, the work of the whole team dedicated to the project has been incredible and today’s result repays us for the efforts made in recent months. We are certainly not finished yet; indeed, we know that the road ahead is still very long, but in the meantime, we have laid a first important ‘brick’.”

Michele Pirro, Ducati test rider: “Testing the MotoE prototype on the circuit was a great thrill, because it marks the beginning of an important chapter in Ducati history. The bike is light and already has a good balance. Furthermore, the throttle connection in the first opening phase and the ergonomics are very similar to those of a MotoGP bike. If it weren’t for the silence and for the fact that in this test, we decided to limit the power output to just 70% of performance, I could easily have imagined that I was riding my bike.”

The most important challenges in the development of an electric racing motorcycle remain related to the size, weight and range of the batteries. Ducati’s goal is to make electric motorcycles that are high-performance and characterized by their lightness available to all FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup participants. The focus of the project are, in addition to better performance, the containment of weight and the consistency of power delivery during the race, obtained thanks to the attention in the development of a cooling system suitable for the objective.

Ducati’s experience in the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup will be a fundamental support for product R&D. The goal is to create, as soon as the technology allows it, a Ducati electric vehicle for road use that is sporty, light, exciting and able to satisfy all enthusiasts.”

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