ESBK Studios Weekly News 01DEC21

Hello again. So this took a while, folks. No excuses. But if I told you that I am using a MUCH more powerful video editing software, and upped the production quality, would up forgive me a bit?

And, as one person in the forums asked, here’s the links (and my notes) to the articles I talked about this week!

Retraction/Correction: Volcon is a US made elmoto

EV rider has a Heli bar install video

Zero Motorcycles UK police Zero video

Nothing out of

Ride Apart:

Here’s What The Build Back Better Act Could Mean For Electric Bikes (

Revived Italian Volt Lacama Makes EICMA 2021 Appearance (

Voxan Wattman Sets New Fastest Electric Motorcycle World Record (  How does a 283.182 mph average speed grab you?

2022 Energica Models Gain More Performance And Color Options (

Kawasaki Reveals Plan To Launch 3 Electric/Hybrid Models In 2022 (


$5,000 SONDORS Metacycle electric motorcycle delivery date announced ( Pilot production is expected to begin February 17 of next year, and the first 2,000 units should be completed by April 6. And orders are reopened

These new electric motorcycles are designed for hard-working tradesmen (

Kollter ES1 review: First affordable highway-capable electric motorcycle (

Richard230 files:

Polaris has partnered with Zero and is using their electric motors and batteries in their new all-electric off-road work vehicle that they call the RANGER XP Kinetic. Here is a link to their promotional video: 

From <;topicseen>

Here is a neat use of Zero motorcycles being tested by the U.S. Special Forces. It sure beats hiking in the desert.

From <>


Day 3,251 of My 500 Interceptor not running.

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