2016 TT Zero Second Practice Results [and adult language]


Every time I even think about writing a blog post these days all that comes forward is negativity. Like grumpy old curmudgeon negativity. I have no reason to still be sore, I’ve moved on and would like to think I’m a bigger man than this, but we all have to acknowledged our limits. So you can imagine the shit storm brewing in my garage when I did a simple search for news on the TT Zero. All Motorcycle.com could muster was to publish a PR spoon fed to them. This is the website that would start matching or trying to match my site’s number of posts intentionally trying to drive readers their way. Pretty much worked too. But now that me and a few other’s aren’t paying attention any more they prove themselves to be the ball dropping hacks I heard they were. All well. At least Hollywood electrics gets them going, which I do think is great.

But I am utterly confused. If you go to the IOMTT site you cannot get a .pdf of the TT Zero practice. But of course every other class is just beging to be dowloaded.  After what seemed like a year of acceptance last year, one twitter post referred to the “leccy’s” as “controversial”. Really? Still? On the subject of “seriously?”, you still cannot get enough practice laps in on an elmoto at the TT to be only a TT Zero rider. You must race another class. Yes, in the 7th year of electric bikes racing at the TT, this is still a thing. Back to why do I have to hunt results down, the Electric Racing page on Facebook is full of nothing but Formula E stuff. Really? And then Ben Swing hasn’t followed up his TT preview article, which falsely reported that Mark Miller and Splitlath had a bike to race this year. It took me 5 minutes to get a reply from Mark on his FB page letting me know he wasn’t racing the TT Zero for the first time in how long? That’s a fucking headline, ” Holy shit Mark Miller doesn’t have a TT Zero ride!!!” Just WTF is going on? The only place to really get filled in this year seems to be twitter. I’m not seeing much on FB yet. I mean 16 (made up facetious number) sites wrote a puff piece about Victory’s new TT Zero bike, but seem to feel that’s all they needed to do. Typical.

I only got this photo from Twitter, and there does not seem to have been one from the first practice. Over the years I have learned this is usually due to the practice being canceled and no one reporting that to the fans. Wait . . . yep a quick check on @MUGENSHINDENTT’s feed, the first practice was cancelled. So yet again one lap and then a race for the TT Zero teams and riders. Such utter bull shit.

Well I really do need to settle down and take a breath. As a passive observer this year, it seems like there has been a lot of death, and maybe the folks involved are a little frazzled and hoping to catch a bit of a break by blowing over the TT Zero. And then there was the passing of Michael Czysz. I don’t know.

Then again, maybe I just need to put on my best pissed TT fan accent and tell everyone to pull their heads out of their arse. Either way I’m too pissed off to analyze the numbers. Yeah, those of you who know me know shit just got real. 😉


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