Energica 2022 Line Up!


This is all from an e-mail I got. Well, I think everyone got one who signs up for their e-mail list. Looks like there are mostly some new fairings and paint schemes. But it also looks like maybe the new motor is now standard? We’ll see when I get a chance to check out the updated website. Anyway, I’ll copy and paste the Press release stuff here. Enjoy the pic and video above.

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ESBK Studios is now on a podcatcher near you!

I’m older and heavier. Otherwise not much has changed. 😀

Happy Thanksgiving break to everyone who gets to enjoy such a thing. So I worked into the wee hours of the morning trying to tidy up this site, add podcasts that I had found and whose links were broken, and cleaned up the Menu. I will slowly be improving how things are done, look, and sound as time allows.

One of the things I needed to figure out was how to convert my video file to audio and get it out to podcatchers again. My main focus was Spotify, but I decided to go with Podbean as it will make it easy to upload old podcasts to YouTube. Keep an eye out for that in the future. But in the mean time you can just search for “ESBK Studios” in your favorite podcatcher. If you don’t see it please let me know what podcatcher you are using.

Any who, here are some links:

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ESBK Studios Weekly News 19NOV21

So it has been almost 3 weeks since my last episode, and all I can do is apologize. Man, there was a lot of news. This episode is almost an hour. I cover my take on Zero’s 2022 lineup, as well as critiques on other news outlets’ inaccurate and poor coverage. Or in the case of one podcast, I just couldn’t make sense of a few comments but thought they had a few very good points. Also, look forward to regular segments like Richard230’s corner where I tell you what things he has posted on the forums, and “Wha whaa” news stories. If you enjoy it, please subscribe. I have some projects in mind for the summer, but a TON of work to do to get there. Getting to the 1000 subscriber mark will help keep my motivation up. Thank you and KTRSD.

No Weekly News Show this Week

There is a LOT to talk about this week. But I am home sick barely able to talk. If I can’t work then I can’t Podcast. And Monday is the only day I have the time to record anything. ESBK Studios (the podcast/video arm of TTXGP Matters WordPress site) will be back next week to wrap 2 weeks worth of news.

2022 Zero Keynote Updated

Sooo, Zero has restricted who can embed this video, and I don’t have the time or want. Just click the link to watch the Keynote. The next video is ways down their playlist so it might be faster to just play it here.

Update: Usually there is a copy of the live event, and I thought this was it. I was wrong. However, I do like posting these things so they are easy to find and you can take from it what you want. Not anyone else’s synopsis of what they said. Although so far Engadget is the only one to the web with a video that I have found. [Electrek has one now too. ]


Zero’s 2022 Line up has just dropped

Downloaded from Zero’s site

Hey folks. There is a lot to unpack here and I can’t tonight, but here are my first impressions. I am trying suuuper hard to stay positive. This Old dog needs to learn a few new tricks when it comes to Zero and positivity. But this just isn’t what I was thinking when I pictured an updated Zero SR in my head. There are advantages. There is an upgrade path. Hense the Cypher store. But as is always the upgrade path costs more in the long run. I have seen these schemes over and over and over again. Zero is not the first one to come up with this. But I have never really seen it work out so well. But I’ve never been behind the sceens enough to know if that kind of scheme works in the long run. But it seems to me that usually the people who can afford buy the expensive model because it’s less expensive over all and everyone else keeps dreaming. If you liked the super light (for an elmoto) SR it appears gone for good. The S is only available in the smaller 7.2kWhr pack still, and a charge pack only adds 3.6kWhrs. I feel if they are going this route with the SR, then they should have offered an S with the new pack. Also no DSR/X. Sorry Ride Apart. Oh, and for the base model SR, SR/F, and SR/S the tank is called the 14.4+. The but the premium model you get the full pack right? Nope. The premium package gets the 15.6+ pack.

On the good news the pack is expanded to 17.3 kWrs! I just said on Monday what’s with the pack size not changing for 4 years. Well, now we know. But you have to pay for that upgrade in the Cyphon store. With the Power tank it’s “nearly 21kWhrs.” Still not besting Energica. And why not? Well, the power tank is still only 3.6kWhrs. This is normal. If you look back in time every time a new pack comes out the power tank usually doesn’t get until the next year. So a 4.3kWhr Power tank should be out next year if history is anything to go by. That would put it at 21.6kWhr . . . 2 years after Energica. Hmmm. There’s more to dig through for sure.

Look I have never agreed, well rarely agreed with the choices that Zero has made over the years. But from where I’m sitting, that has worked out really really well for them.

Check out the bikes for yourself here.

Andy of EVMotorcycle puts Together a Beautiful Video

I was moving my TTXGP matters Playlist from my personal YouTube channel to my new one and decided to give Andy’s YouTube page a visit. If you don’t remember Andy and I teamed up to do some videos at the 2012 TTXGP World Championships at Daytona. He posted this 5 months ago and it’s stunning work. I feel bad I didn’t notice it before.

On 10yr Anniversary Lost ESBK.co Blog Posts Found and Online!

As I have already said on Facebook and Twitter I found the one file I had been missing for years. If you don’t have much experience with WordPress sites you can download a single file and import it to your new WordPress and other blogger-type sites and they will all upload and in categories and chronological order. I found the file I had saved back in 2015 when I shut ESBK.co down, last night. Well, this morning really. Fittingly on the 10-year anniversary of starting this little corner of the internet from which I can shout. Everything is in chronological order and searchable by category. It’s also made double pages as well. I will sort all that out over time. The podcasts from that era don’t work. I have most of them, but not all. I will continue to work on things. So feel free to poke around and enjoy a bit of history. Personally, I am very relieved to have this body of work back from the grave.

10 Year Anniversary! Here’s a YouTube News Show for You!

Can you believe I have been occasionally yelling in my own corner of the internet for 10 Years? I can’t. A lot has changed, that is for sure. I made this news video for fun without realizing it was being made 10 years after I had started this blog and podcast. I hope to devote some time to sprucing things up around here. Enjoy, and Happy Halloween!