TT Zero First Practice

So here are the first official results from the TT Zero.

Screenshot (46)

Zero qualifying 2.6

I know I saw Nottingham University was getting ready to do a lap, but I have yet to figure out what happened there. If history is any indicator there are bikes that tried to be ready and failed. There will also be bikes that didn’t get picked up by transponders, but those should be on this official release if there were any. My point is, don’t think for a second this is the whole story. But without scouring Facebook, and twitter (and even then), or calling people you’ll never get the whole story.

However it is still fun. I had forgot the now ‘disavowed’ MCN Team were the ones running the Stock Energica Ego. Their very first lap is in first year uni team, or just straight first year of the TT Zero speeds. I expect them to get quicker, but mostly I am just watching with extreme interest as to the reality of production elmotos. Makes me wonder if that isn’t MCN’s whole point, eCRP be damned.

Oh, and Bruce Anstey is taking over for John McGuinness who had an unfortunate crash in a gas race before the TT. He seems to be the fastest so far on the gas bikes, won the TT Zero last year, and had the fastest TT Zero time of the three today.

I got all my info from the Isle of Man TT’s website, and a Facebook post. Check it out for yourself.


2 thoughts on “TT Zero First Practice

  1. The University of Nottingham has 2 bikes. They are sorting out a new controller for them. Because of this, one bike didn’t start the practice lap and the other started, but had to ride back without finishing the lap because of an issue the rider discovered while at speed during the lap. They have been working to resolve the issues to have both bikes on course today.

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