MotoZero Update: Smaller effort than last year

Kenyon Kluge

We haven’t heard much from MotoZero since my interview with Kenyon Kluge back in mid-December.  To say they have been busy over there I think is a bit of an understatement.  But I caught Kenyon on Skype to see how this season is lining up.  Turns out it looks like they will only have 1 or two bikes on the grid this year and the only eRR race he is pretty sure they can do is Laguna Seca.  For the other rounds it looks like he’ll need to carpool.  Finger’s crossed.  However, he is planning to do an AFM round and a M1GP event or two as well.  The bike will be stock as they were last year.  Racing tires, suspension adjustments, and map tinkering is all we have to look forward to on these bikes.  A far cry from the treatment Brammo has been able to give the TTX.  It’s not that Kenyon doesn’t want to hop up the Zero S, its more of a time and money constraint.  I really thought the racing effort helped them out last year as it gave people a reason to talk about the bike all year long after the excitement of the new model year release had died down.  I guess it wasn’t enough to warrant diverting some funds from something else.  Oh well.  There’s always next year.

It’s still gonna be good to see him waving the Zero flag and to have him in the pits to help the Hollywood Electrics team.  Maybe, just maybe, he’ll have a surprise mod or two waiting for us.

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