Up Coming Racing, and there is a LOT of it!

From iomtt.com

June is going to be ridiculous when it comes to racing over the next few weeks.  I think it’s a conspiracy to try to make me OD on racing, and they might just succeed.  Here’s what is coming up for the next few weeks:

May 31: First TT Zero Practice

June 1: Second TT Zero Practice Brammo Practice and Qualifying at AFM Round at Thunder Hill

June 2: Brammo at AFM Races

June 3: Third TT Zero Practice and Moto Electra starts cross Continent EV record attempt

June 5: The TT Zero race

June 8: M1GP Practice and Qualifying

June 9: M1GP Races

So, for the Europeans it is a 6 week break from the TT to the first round of the eRR in Europe.  In North America it is only a 3 week break for the Hollywood Electrics guys from the last M1GP round to Pikes Peak and the REFUEL event being held the same weekend.  And then another 3 weeks to the first North American eRR race at Laugna Seca. Thank the lord because I’ll need the breaks.  It looks like the Pikes Peak will be very well covered by both Ride Apart and Asphalt & Rubber, and @Pinkyracr will be hooning around Laguna Seca at the REFUEL event.  So we have that to look forward too.

Hold on to your pantyhose kids.  It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

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