“Cancer Treatments Will Force Michael Czysz To Miss TT Zero At The Isle Of Man TT”

Here’s’s article.

Of all the teams that I disagree with and that give me the wtf’s the most, MotoCzysz, hell Micheal Czysz himself, is at the top of the list.  But bench racing is one thing, and life threatening illness is something completely different.  These day’s I am not sure if anyone reading this hasn’t had cancer touch their lives one way or another.  I know I have had it touch my family.  So to try to say something that communicates the seriousness of cancer would probably just end up sounding condescending.  If you have even met Mr. Czysz then you know he is passionate and pretty darn fit.  I am hopeful this will aid him in his fight, and is the way he will continue to be for a long time to come.  From the bottom of my heart I wish you, Micheal Czysz, and your family the absolute best and look forward to seeing you folks come out the other side if this fight with a big Win.


Richard Dort

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