Wismann’s Notes from Yesterday with the AFM

Brian was so kind to send me these comments this morning.  How he found the time I don’t know!

Here are some notes:


– Spent the practice sessions tuning suspension to the track, as this is a very different animal than Thunderhill.  We also made adjustments to regen levels (Eric wanted less, Steve more) and our TC settings.  Eric was able to run laps in the 1:49s, which isn’t mind blowing, but is 5-6 seconds a lap better than the last time we were here. 


– Steve Atlas got in late and was only able to hit 2 practice sessions in the afternoon.  He still got down to a 1:49 and believes the bike is capable of more. 


– Shelina dropped 2-3 seconds every session and worked down to consistent 2:00-2:02s in the final practice session.  I think this bodes well for a good performance in the 250 Superbike class this morning.  I don’t think we’ve got a chance for a win, but should show well. 


– AFM has some incredibly fast riders.  Chris Siglin, Joey Pascarella, Lenny Hale, and others are running times very close to what the best at AMA can do.  This is the largest and fastest group of club racers in the world.  Pretty awesome to be a part of their paddock. 


– We’ve been able to charge and get out for every practice session that we had a rider available to ride for.  i.e… charge times have not been a limiting factor this weekend.  The team worked hard on charging solutions, so I’m very happy about that.


– The overall response to the bikes being the paddock is extremely positive and we get a few racers a day coming by to tell us they’d switch to electric “in a heartbeat” after seeing the performance of the bikes on track. 


That’s all for now.  Race day! 



Thank you Brian!  I said I was looking for times at or below 1:40s and clearly that was ambitious, so I hope the Brammo folks don’t take that to heart.  These guys almost always run faster in the race then they do in practice and qualifying, so we’ll just have to wait to see what the race brings.  Don’t think I’m not going to ask about what they have done to improve charging when I get a chance.

Best of luck to them!

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