EBoz and Steve-O finish 14th and 17th out of 20 starters

So the tiny little track feed was enough to keep me entertained for this full effort from the RR pilots.  As mentioned above EBoz finished 14th and Steve-O finished 17th.  EBoz’s fastest race time was a 1:49.252 with Steve-O’s fastest being a 1:50.153.  For the first time I have witnessed (or at least noticed) the Brammos guys didn’t run significantly faster in the race than they did in practice/qualifying.  These times are faster than Lightning’s Micheal Barnes during last year’s TTXGP race, but still 2 to 3 seconds off of his best qualifying time.

Considering how close Brammo was to Lightning during the Laguna Seca race last year, and how far they have come since, I find myself completely baffled to explain how they haven’t shattered Lightning’s times from last year.  Maybe I’ll figure it out, maybe not.  Either way it’s potential a sigh of relief to Lightning and MotoCzysz, and even VT Bolt that they new Empulse RR isn’t the smack down machine I thought it would prove itself to be this round.  But there is still over two months until the fir eRR round, and another AFM race to be run.

No word yet on how Shelina’s SuperMotoUSA race went, but I’m sure she had a great time.  And she can say she did twice as well as Eric.

It’s the end of a long day in front of the computer fuzzy camera feeds and chatting on Google+.  Hope you found the coverage useful.  KTRSD.

P.S.  EBoz never raced the TTX in 500 Twins, encase you were wondering.

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