Updated: EBoz and Steve-O Don’t Finish Race But Run Quicker Than Some Gas Bikes

Don’t freak too much.  They very well may have pulled off to be polite to the championship regulars than any technical reasons.  We will find out eventually.  In the mean time Steve-O got into the 1:51s on the first lap, and EBoz saw a 1:49.  This would have put both bikes in front of Lightning last year, but barely, and neither bike has found the 1:47 Barney did last year in Qualifying.  Not sure the whys but you can be sure team ICON Brammo will be figuring it out.  The fastest two bikes got into the 1:41s, but the times drop off pretty quickly after that.  Which is why I like to compare AMA times, as they are more consistent throughout the field.  EBoz and Steve-O were running 15th and 16th when they pulled out.  But that is out of 24 bikes in the F1 wave.  Not a bad start, but clearly my assessment was off.

So far Shelina has kicked Steve’s and Eric’s behinds as far as results.  And she either is, or will be, racing the Engage today as well.  So I can’t wait to hear about that, too!

Update:  Eric Bostrom sent me this on twitter:

just using race 1 to finalize some settings for the final race 14.

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