First Round of the eFXC update

Courtesy of SplinterOz

So I have been getting updates from the folks.  Not too much to say so far.  Only three teams have shown up for this round, but the new guys Varley are in the mix, which is a great sign.  In practice one of the bikes hit 1:10 lap time which is a 5 second drop from last year, in only 50-60 degree weather.  This may not sound that impressive, but since the gas bikes are running 0:59 to 1:01 lap times that means it is a short track, 1.3 miles, so you have to look at the percentage of improvement not the raw time.  It’s an impressive jump actually.  Unfortunately we are not seeing times particularly close to gas bikes, like has been predicted.  Superbikes are running 59 seconds range, 600s 1:01, twins 1:03, and 450 lightweights are running 1:07s (I found the times here).

Qualifying was a surprise as well.  Ripperton is up to 100hp this year, and with an already lightweight everything it promised to be fast.  But they ended up last, with Catavolt on top, and the new guys sliding in between the two.

Qualifing 4-5-2013
Pos No Name Machine Lap
  1. 1 Jason MORRIS (NSW) Catavolt1:13.531
  2. 86 Jeff PHILLIPS (NSW) Varley1:15.957
  3. 46 Daniel RIPPERTON (NSW) Ripperton1:16.277
However the race proved quite different:
  1. 46 Daniel RIPPERTON (NSW) / Ripperton Racing   Yamaha R1   6   7:18.027                1:09.878 4
  2.  1 Jason MORRIS (NSW) / Catavolt / Impact AV   Catavolt D6   6   7:27.381    9.354  1:13.233 6
  3. 86 Jeff PHILLIPS (NSW) / Varley Electric Vehicles /Ultramotive / Tritium   Varley           6   7:31.014  12.987  1:13.072 4
Ripperton put 9 seconds into the other two, and Catavolt lead the new guys Varley by 3.6 seconds by the end of the 6 laps.  Looks like they may have had a good battle.  Fortunately the temps were up in the high 60s, however ice was on the cars this morning when teams showed up for the seconds day of racing.  Qualifying for everyone is wrapping up as we speak.  Catch the live timing here.

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