Aussie eFXC Round 1 Done. Ripperton Sweeps Races

Courtesy of SplinterOz

Well, Ripperton wasn’t fast in qualifying, for whatever reason, but they have taken both races.  From the live timing for Race 2 it looked like Ripperton got stuck behind Varley on the first lap while Catavolt sailed off to a 10 second lead.  Ripperton got past Varley who shortly or a lap later “crashed” out of the race.  Either way Ripperton set off for their old rival clawing back 3 seconds a lap or more until they were over a second a head with one lap left, putting a final stamp on the weekend with a 3 second gap back to Catavolt.  Looks like that quad stack is pretty trick after all.  During that effort Ripperton managed to lower their fastest time from a 1:09.878 down to a 1:09.032, with Catavolt in the low 1:12s.  Ripperton has another 3 seconds to find to run with the lightweight gas bikes and a massive 8 seconds to run with the 600s.  The Aussie electric bikes have obviously made yet another big step, but I wonder where the time is.  For Ripperton it shouldn’t be power.  Are they following the path of Brammo and now that they have more power things that were handling quirks are now problems?  And, does Catavolt have a response to the 3 seconds a lap Ripperton has on them?

This is where the fun starts.  More to come from the folks soon.


Date: 05/05/13
Event: E2
Weather: Sunny – Temp: 13.1C
Track: Dry – Temp: 24.3C
Race 2 – Handicap
Started at: 12:32:34
Laps: 6
Starters: 3
Printed at: 12:45
Pos No Name Machine Laps Time Behind Fastest On Lap
1 46 Daniel RIPPERTON (NSW) / Ripperton Racing Yamaha R1 6 7:29.794 1:09.032 4
2 1 Jason MORRIS (NSW) / Catavolt / Impact AV Catavolt D6 6 7:32.928 3.134 1:12.461 4
DNF 86 Jeff PHILLIPS (NSW) / Varley Electric Vehicles / Ultramotive / Tritium Varley 0 6 Laps


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