Racing to Watch For: This Weekend 1st Rnd of Aussie eFX and Brammo Takes Gas Bikes Head-on!

photo provided by the TTXGP

The Aussies have been working hard over the winter and have seriously upped their game.  It is reported we should see at least two bikes with over 100hp on board, and up to 5 on the track come race day.  The Aussie series is no longer part of the TTXGP but more to do with the series they run with not being the series the FIM sanctions in Australia than anything.  So politics and boundaries.  Apparently nothing has really changed other than the entry fees went down considerably. has organized some serious media power for the series this year and is sharing with me to keep you guys abreast.  I am not sure what or how things will be coming my way so there may be a delay of a day on my end.  But if you want to keep straight on top of things then you should follow’s website, YouTube channel, and twitter feed.

On the other side of the planet Brammo is taking on the gas bikes of club racing.  And they are taking on the smallest 4-stroke bikes with the TTX, but are straight up taking on the fastest bikes and riders the AFM has to offer with the RR prototype.  It is going to be interesting.  I am looking for AMA DSB laptimes, and Brian Wismann (Race Team Directorish-type-person) mentioned that the AFM Superbikes and Forumla lap times are pretty close to the DSB times already.  And now with MotoCzysz listing their eRR goal as getting withing 6 seconds of the slowest MotoGP bike and potentially putting themselves over the electric lap record at Laguna Seca (the CRT bikes are a bit faster this year), we’re going to have to see if Brammo can throw down and make MotoCzysz have to change that 6 to a 3.  I have already done a preview here, so you can get you up to date and ready.  You can watch the race live here.  Suit up, it’s gonna be a wicked weekend.


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