Elmoto Racing You Need to be Watching for This Weekend

Wait . . . what?  The eRR race season doesn’t start for another 80 days for Europe, and 87 for North America, you might be thinking.  No I didn’t get a contact high from hanging out with all those hippy college kids last weekend.  This weekend will be the 3rd round of the M1GP, but it is also the second round of the Hollywood Electrics class.  As this is a gateway club series, aimed at getting people into racing the focus is on the people at the track, and not at being a spectacle like professional racing.  So, news coming out of these weekends is slow and sparse.  My point?  Don’t get all wound up and in a huff if you feel there isn’t enough news about it.  It is what it is, and everyone there works as hard as they can.  But follow the Hollywood Electrics folks on Facebook, as they do what they can to keep everyone up to date.  And don’t forget that Brandon Miller has been racing his Zero against the gas bikes as well in some of the more open classes.

The other exciting news is that Juiced Racing will be racing this weekend at Road Atlanta in the historic races.  They have a sweet looking classic Honda CB that they have converted and have running pretty good by all reports.  Here’s a list of the upgrades they have done for this year copied from the elmoto.net forum here:

4/7/2013 update
I will be putting all of the updates we will be doing for the Cafe racer and our 2013 Historic Moto Gran Prix race season here.
The group Director as well as the other racers have been very supportive of "Electric Ed" and the motorcycle team.
Motor cooling – Complete
Minor rewiring – Complete
Higher Voltage Controller – Complete (600 amp!) Screw that, it is now a 1200A from one of the TTXGP bikes. (running at 50%)
2 more battery boxes – Built
Added Batteries – We are now up to 96 volts with 15 more batteries on the way (to be 32S5P)
Better battery chargers – tested and working great
Larger main power cables – all of the cables have been changed to 1/0.
Testing – April – Compete.
Better motorcycle stand (If I am good according to Santa) – I must have been good as it is here!
Racing suit back brace – installed.
New tires – Done.
New period correct Decals front and back – Complete.
We want to represent the EV community in the right way.
TTXGP we are not, but for this group we can still make a good impression.

Not sure when we will see reports and promised onboard footage, but just follow the thread over there on Elmoto.net for the info.  Best of luck to all of the Elmoto racers this weekend, and “Kick Gas”!

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