Mugen Shendin Ni update


Well, I don’t have any information other than this folks.  But as the press release says they have a new chassis and have been testing it.  I have to admit it looks good in the flat black paint job.  It looks more like a motorcycle and less like a refrigerator on wheels.  In related TT Zero news the Buckeye Current’s bike was dropped off at the shippers the other day.  And some of the random tweets from MotoCzysz show that they haven’t been sitting on their hands either.  As is typical with the top TT Zero teams we won’t get any kind of tid-bits or insight into the top bikes until a while after the race is over.  But I have an interview scheduled with the Buckeyes this weekend and they have a build thread over on the forums.  If you want more info on the Mugen folks check out my podcast interview with them here.  We also must not forget the Italian Vercar Moto and their 6-speed race bike based on a Yamaha R6

We have to be thankful to the Mugen folks being the only one able to bring it to MotoCzysz’s dominance of the Isle.  With out them it would be just another exhibition, and not a race.  Enjoy the pics and press release.

Programme:  TT Zero
Date:     17/04/2013
Release:  Immediate

MUGEN Shinden Ni on the Road to Isle of Man TT

MUGEN Shinden Ni, the 2013 contender for Team MUGEN and John McGuinness in this year’s Isle of Man TT Zero event, has been running a series of tests in Japan in preparation to being shipped to Europe to tackle the gruelling 37.76 mile mountain course on June 5th.

The 2013 all-electric powered machine, seen sporting interim bodywork, will be looking to build on the successful debut for MUGEN in 2012 where the team were among the first to break the elusive 100mph lap barrier for electric racing bikes with an impressive 102.2mph lap, earning a 2nd place finish.

With initial tests designed to prove the speed and endurance of the all-new chassis and power-train the team declared progress to be well on target, and work will continue to finalise the bodywork and complete the build before MUGEN Shinden Ni begins the 5,900 mile journey, which the team hope will end in a trip to the top step of the TT podium for 19 times TT winner, John McGuinness.

TT Zero Challenge started in 2009 as a new class requiring the entrants to ride motorcycles with zeroemission engines emitting no CO2. The race


2 thoughts on “Mugen Shendin Ni update

  1. I would be very surprised (and delighted) if the Buckeye Current (or ANY freshman prototype entry) mounted a serious challenge to Mugen and MotoCzysz this year.. but those bikes are an order of magnitude more expensive, with bespoke everything and significant previous rider + team experience at IOM. The Buckeye bike looks serious and I think they will turn heads this year.

    As far as Mugen and MotoCzysz.. very excited.

    1. Yeah, I doubt they will be anywhere near those guys, and I don’t think they expect to be either, but they will be there and I felt it was worth a mention.

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