Hollywood Electric Tackling the M1GP’s 8 Hour Endurance Race

They are a busy little shop over at Hollywood Electric, and now they have assembled an “all-star” team and will be piloting a 2013 Zero XU (hence the video above) in the 8 hour event.  You may note that the XU has two quickly removable battery packs.  I asked Susann Schlick (aka @Pinkyrcar) and she said the they have packs upon packs specifically for the event.  If you think this is the first even time elmotos have been in an endurance event you would be wrong.  Zero used to host the “24 Hours of Electricross”, a 24 hour motorcross event.  This may be the first road race endurance event ever though.  Check out the press release below for all the details.

***Press Release***

Hollywood Electrics will be entering a 5 rider team in the 6th Annual M1GP 8 Hour Endurance race at Grangé Motor Circuit. The team will be racing under the name Team Hollywood Electrics and will be fielding a Zero XU Motorcycle with an all-electric drive train for the 8 hour event. Team riders will include Jeff Clark, Susanna Schick, Brandon Miller, Nathan Barker, and Jeremiah Johnson.

The 8 Hours at Grangé started back in 2008. Since then, it’s been an exciting race event year after year with many returning teams who enjoy the atmosphere, great track and the design of the race. This year’s 8HR (the 6th annual – AKA 8H6) will be a tribute race in memory of the late Kenny Anderson, who won this race with his team back in 2010 (8H3). The proceeds from the race are going to the Anderson family. We are also racing to help team Spirit of 12 raise additional funds in his honor. Please contribute any amount to help cover medical and funeral costs for the Anderson family who lost their son earlier this month in a tragic crash.


Jeff Clark has participated in the San Felipe 250, Baja 500 and 1000 and owns a modified 2013 Zero FX. “I’m excited to race with Team Hollywood Electrics in the 8H6. We have a great team and a great machine.” Jeff said.

Landspeed record holder Brandon Miller is currently seventh in the overall points for M1GP, so already has some experience putting his electric machine against the gas bikes. “I believe we are all electric bike owners. Kenny’s passing is a reality check for us all, and I can not imagine what his family must be going through, and I know nothing we do can make it any easier for them, but I hope at least it will help them a little with the financial burdens related to this tragedy,” commented Brandon.

Jeremiah Johnson has raced the AMA pro series for 11 years and currently races in the all-electric TTXGP series said, “I’ve done quite a few endurance races in my career and I am really excited to race an electric motorcycle in an endurance race to show what today’s electric motorcycles are capable of. It is great to be a Hollywood Electrics racer and have these opportunities with Zero Motorcycles. It is also a solemn honor to race a tribute to young Kenny Anderson. He was a hard charging Young Gun and I can’t think of a better way to honor a fallen racer than to race.”

Susanna Schick, author of http://gas2.org, is no stranger to endurance racing. Susanna stated about the 8H6 race, “The last time I raced was in the M1GP 24 Hour Endurance Race in 2011, on an all-girl team on a 6 (yes, SIX) hp 2-stroke Honda built for a much smaller rider. I swore I’d never do it again. But this time it’s different….Like any addict*, I know this time it will be awesome. For one, it’s only 8 hours.

Second, it’s an electric bike that’s built and serviced by people I know and trust, so it will most certainly deliver the promised 27hp, if not more. Come on out to Apple Valley to see an electric bike compete in an endurance race against gas bikes for perhaps the first time in history.Today Grangé, tomorrow Baja…”

***End Press Release***

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