Amarok and Zero throwing weight behind Hollywood Electric’s Pike’s Peak Hill Climb Electric Class

So far Electric Race news,, and are reporting that Zero is throwing their weight behind Hollywood Electrics.  Not only is the California based shop modifying stock Zero motorcycles for the 2013 assault on the famous hill climb, but they are the behind getting an electric class going.  I know from the forums that they have been working on this for months.  The kicker is that you have to have 6 entrants for a separate class.  Otherwise you you just be lumped in with which ever class they see fit.  I am glad to see the numbers rising.  Apparently Zero is offering technical support for the event as the Likes of Motorcyclist Magazines Arron Frank, World Land Speed record holder and M1GP competitor Brandon Nozaki Miller, ZeroMoto’s Kenyon Kluge, and 2012 TTXGP competitor Jeremiah Johnson, as well as a few others will be racing either modified or stock Zeros in this year’s race to the clouds.  According to the entry list there are 6 riders all on Zeros in a class called “Exhibition Powersports- Z”.  All I can do is assume that the “Z” is for Zero.

But they aren’t the only ones.  A few weeks ago Amarok threw their hat into the ring and will be competing this year as well.  The difference is the P1 is a full on prototype with potentially much more power than any of the Zeros, where the Zeros are production motorcycles.  This would bring the total up to 7 entrants, if Amarok was on the entry list.  At this point I’m thinking it’s just a paperwork drill.  But I am curious if they will be included in Zero’s class, or moved to another to head to head with the ICE bikes.

This isn’t the first year with elmotos, the most famous would be Chip Yate’s run back in 2011.  But this is the first year there will be this many numbers and they will have their own class.

2 thoughts on “Amarok and Zero throwing weight behind Hollywood Electric’s Pike’s Peak Hill Climb Electric Class

  1. This could be brilliant, actually. Think about it. The density-altitude air/O2 issue that affects ICEs won’t affect elmotos at all. Maintaining “full power” all the way up? Yeees!

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