Electric Cowboy Working on Fairings for His Hot Rod Zero S in Prep for Pike’s Peak

Brandon Nozaki Miller appears to have been out getting either some practice time, development time, or more likely both, in at Chuckwalla Raceway this past weekend (yes, the same place Lightning used to go).  Getting any info on the fairings shown above was a bit like pulling teeth, but I’m glad I did.  He let us know this on Facebook:

“We are testing the effects of them on several vectors to see what kinds of impacts we get, both good and bad. Right now everything is very early stages, but the effects are going as expected, I am very pleased with what we have achieved. Hopefully we will have it all finalized for PPIHC.”

Clearly not your typical shade tree mechanic approach, which is what we have come to expect from the elmoto crowd.  Brandon has already helped, or at least been a development rider for Hollywood Electric’s performance package for the 2012 Zero S and DS.  If they get this design down @protomech might finally get the fairings he’s wanted so bad for his Zero S.

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