Elmotos get serious at the Horse Thief Mile with the M1GP

The first all electric race of the season happened a couple of weeks ago (10MAR13).  As you can see above, it was a good time with Zeros filling the field.  Here’s the results from both of the Hollywood Electric class races for round two:

Pos Competitor Race # Class Points Rnd1 Race1 Rnd1 Race2 Rnd2 Race1 Rnd2 Race2

1       Brian Simmons                    111           20                                                                      10              10

2       Brandon Nozaki Miller            100           17                                                                       8               9

3       Eland Eggers                       110           16                                                                       9               7

4       Young Lee                           12             8                                                                       0               8

Best Lap time for both races was a 01:06.963 around the 1km track.  Brain Simmons took both wins with Miller going from last in race 1 (which was only third) to second in race two.  Race two also had M1GP organizer Young Lee in the mix relegating Eland Eggers to last.  Hopefully we will be seeing Susanna Schick (@Pinkyracr) and TTXGP racer Jeremiah Johnson joining the field before the year ends.

Brandon also took 3rd in the Road Warrior class aboard his Zero and continues to lead the pints race in that class.  He took 4th in both races of the Open GP class and is currently tied for first in that championship.  It appears Brian Simmons and Eland Eggers competed in the Open GP class according to the info on My Laps Sport Timing, but they are not listed in the official results.  No signs or grumblings of Brammo Empulse owners planning on taking part.  I suspect this is in large part because there aren’t any Brammo dealers as involved in modifying those bikes as much as Hollywood Electrics is with the Zeros.  The physical size and handling characteristics of the Zeros (more MX than RR) and lighter weight probably lends them to the tight go-cart tracks typical of the M1GP.  Want to know what kind of bikes were at the M1GP electric race, here’s a quote provided to me by the M1GP from either Zero themselves or Hollywood Electric.  Really cool stuff:

“We had a few different bikes on hand.  Brandon of course brought his bike and I brought a custom FX we barely threw together in time the night before for a shakedown on the track.
Brian and Eland from Zero brought down a DS, MX Supermoto (S wheels on it), XU, and FX.  They switched off between these bikes, but in the second race that you rode the FX in, Brian was on the MX Supermoto while Eland was on the XU running a single battery pack.
Brian was riding the MX, the fastest bike out there, and took a comfortable lead early on and maintained it.  Young was riding the custom FX and you could tell was taking it easy, this is the first time he’s ridden the FX and is still learning it, braking early into the corners, not wanting to lay down his race loaner but accelerating hard in the straights, and putting a gap between he and Brandon.  It’s impressive watching Brandon keep up with Young and eventually pass him even though he’s on a bike with much less hp.
It’s too bad we can’t see Eland behind Brandon, he was keeping up with the pack pretty well considering he was on the XU with the single battery.  We had discussed before the race that there was no way he would need the range and would probably be best to lose the extra 45lbs.  I was impressed with the performance of the XU, definitely makes you consider the weight advantage of a small bike.”


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