FIM e-Power + TTXGP = FIM eRoadRacing World Cup and 2013 Provisional Schedule

eRoadRacing 2013 schedule

Amarok posted this to Facebook, which is where I got it.  Thanks guys. 

Well, we finally have the Miller date, and the second round at Laguna with the World SBK guys isn’t on it.  Also the eRoadRace series will not be running with MotoGP or World SBK in Europe.  Just two FIM World Endurance dates and a round in Valencia with a Spanish national series.  I will have to do some digging (OK, beg for info on twitter) but this is potentially a very big deal.  Motorcycling and Motorcycle Racing is HUGE in Spain.  There are sometimes up to 4 MotoGP rounds each season in Spain alone.  Dorna, MotoGP’s TTXGP, runs not just MotoGP anymore, but also World SBK, and they are based out of Spain.  Spain’s national superbike racing series is recognized as one of, if not the, top series in the world and where many riders from other nations go if they want to get into grand prix racing.  One American mechanic who had aspirations to get into MotoGP as a mechanic moved to Spain to start his journey.  He a few years working for the junior Ducati team before coming home.  In other words the race in Spain could end up being more important for the future than either European round.  Considering that between the FIM and e-Power there are generally about 8 races each year (give or take) this a big hit to the number of races there.  Here in NA this is the same number of races we had in 2011.  It disappointing to say the least, but to think this new union is going to be anything but a rough ride this year sounds a bit naïve to me.  Next year should be much better, like 2011 to 2012.

But before we get too bummed notice the note on the bottom of the page.  Its not over yet.  The teams really needed something (anything official) they could show sponsors and they have 2 very big avenues in each series with guaranteed crowds that will please them.  I doubt we will see too many more rounds than these, but there is hope.  I’m also hoping the small schedule will mean more teams at each round, but that’s not what the past has shown.  On the other hand next year’s World Championship will only be 6 rounds, and I bet many of this year’s races will be on next year’s calendar. 

We finally have a name and dates.  I hope we can now see more about progress that is being made on race bikes on twitter and Facebook.  That’d be a nice change.  Anyone got anything for Brammo this year other than VT Bolt and Hollywood Electrics?

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