Jeremiah Johnson to be racing with Hollywood Electrics for 2013

Been waiting for the final word on this for a while.  Hollywood Electrics and Jeremiah are teaming up for 2013.  Last I chatted with Jeremiah they were planning to use the race effort to test and push what is possible with the new 2013 Zero S.  So don’t expect it to simply be a MotoZero clone or even sticking to the eSuperStock class, but we’ll see what they decide.  Considering the performance kits Hollywood Electrics have been putting out he past few years, and even the modded FX they ran at the last M1GP round, it would not surprise me to see more kits coming out directly because of this effort. 

***Press Release***
Hawaii born professional motorcycle racer Jeremiah Johnson and Team Be-Ev.Com Racing will be partnering with Hollywood Electrics, L.A.’s first electric motorcycle dealership, to race a 2013 Zero S Electric motorcycle during the 2013 race season. Hollywood Electrics is the premier distributor and service center for electric motorcycles and components. Their products are targeted towards a variety of segments in the market, ranging from the environmentally conscious young adult to the performance driven motorcycle enthusiast. Their line of Zero Motorcycles is the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry.
The Zero S model is the same line of bike that Jeremiah raced to 4th place in the 2012 TTXGP World Championship Finals for electric motorcycles at Daytona International Speedway. The team is excited to continue their electric race program with the new 2013 model. Jeremiah stated, “I was a guest of Zero at their 2013 product launch party in Long Beach, and I am really looking forward to racing the ’13 Zero S this year. It has more than double the HP over the ’12 model that I raced last year, and that was a fun bike, so I’m eager to see what the ’13 is like on the track. Also, both Zeros I raced last year were bikes that I borrowed. I’m really stoked to have a Team Be-Ev.Com Racing owned Zero Motorcycle that I can modify with Hollywood Electrics to fit my personal riding style. I got a chance to test a couple of the Hollywood Electrics modified streetbikes last year, and I can’t wait to start testing with them at the race track and see what we come up with for a serious race bike. I am very thankful to Harlan Flagg of Hollywood Electrics for making this deal come through.”
Be-Ev.Com Racing plans to build on their 2012 success and will be using the Hollywood Electrics prepped Zero S in the 2013 TTXGP US Championship. TTXGP, the eGrandPrix, is the leading World Series for Electric motorsport, a unique and global competition for the development of the next generation of transport technologies. The team will also be competing in the prestigious Pike’s Peak Hill Climb event in June. 2013 is the first time in 91 years of running “the race to the clouds” that an all-electric motorcycle class will be part of the action. “I’ve been a big fan of the Pike’s Peak Hill Climb race for a long time now, and I’m really stoked to get the opportunity to actually compete in the event myself,” said Jeremiah. “Being able to do it on an Electric motorcycle during the first year of the new class is even more exciting. I’m really happy to be able to help promote Electric Vehicles to a wider audience.” Be-Ev.Com Racing will also be competing in the Hollywood Electrics sponsored Electric Motorcycle class in the SoCal M1GP series at select events between TTXGP events.
***End Press Release***

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