EMUS is Building a Race Bike for the 2015 Season

This is late, ohh so late and I apologize the the EMUS team.  They were at Daytona and are some cool folks.  Also, they plan on building one badass bike, and doing it right.  Hopefully they can get some of the faster Canadian riders on it.  Look for the interview with their team lead in the next podcast.

clip_image004clip_image002 Projet EMUS

Faculté de Génie

2500, boul. de l’Université,

Sherbrooke (Québec) J1K 2R1

Téléphone : 819-919-1054

Site Internet : www.emus.ca


For immediate release

The Université de Sherbrooke is working on an electric motorcycle

Sherbrooke, February 26, 2013 A team of students from the engineering school have set a goal to design an all-electric race bike by the end of 2014. The prototype is going to be entirely designed by the students as part of their degree program’s final project.

A multi-discipline project.

EMUS (Electric Motorcycle Université de Sherbrooke) is composed of 12 mechanical engineering students for now, but they are looking to add as many electrical and computer engineer students to the team. The project was officially launched back in December of 2012, with the efforts of the previous student group of the same name.

A two years journey.

The engineering program at Université de Sherbrooke teaches the principle of simultaneous engineering with major design projects. Third year students get to choose their own design projects that will take up most of their time for the next two years. The process is closely followed by university professors, whom help the future engineers bring the project from a vague idea to a running prototype. Every year, a dozen projects take place. Sherbrooke’s engineering faculty has seen projects like: Phoebus and Vue, two electric car conversions; Épervier, an acrobatic airplane designed from scratch; Pégase, a human powered plane; and many more. Through the years, teams have always managed to gather funds, ranging from $10,000 to $100,000, thanks to the generosity of sponsors. Prototypes are unveiled at the “mecagenial” show that happens a few weeks before graduation; a show that celebrates a two years effort. EMUS’s superbike will be unveiled in December of 2014.

Aiming for an international championship.

EMUS have set its goal to participate at TTXGP (www.egrandprix.com) in the summer of 2015. Teams from all around the world attend this competition with their all electric motorcycles, putting them to test against each other. The Université de Sherbrooke would become the first French Canadian school to race at TTXGP.

Performance like a Ducati or BMW

Speaking of performance, the team believes that they can achieve better performance than a regular combustion engine motorcycle. The electric power train has instant and continuous torque, which translates to explosive accelerations and no need for a transmission. The team has set objectives of a 300km/h (186mph) top speed and a 45km (28 mile) range at race pace, which is enough to finish a TTXGP length race. Some people may miss the sound of the combustion engine, which will be replaced by the smooth whisper of the electric motor, but they will forget that detail once they see the outstanding performance and maneuverability of the vehicle.

Looking for sponsors

The team is currently looking for the funding requiered to build the prototype. They have set an objective of $75,000 to be raised by 2014. You can visit the team’s website: www.emus.ca to learn more on the project and haw you can support the team.

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Source et renseignements :

Félix-Antoine LeBel

Responsable des communications

Projet EMUS


(819) 919- 1054


2 thoughts on “EMUS is Building a Race Bike for the 2015 Season

    1. From having talked to the team, and the last I directly asked the TTXGP the bike will be quite legal. EMUS plans on building an GP class bike and will participate in the new World Championship.

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