Things not as bleak as I thought here at ESBK

So I was looking over the monthly numbers today and noticed a nice trend.  Namely that I’m not actually at half the hit s I was last year.  Last year right from the get go I had 2100 to 2200 hits a month from November to March, when I took my hiatus.  Other than October when Daytona happened and I had 1500 in that week alone, I have struggled to get those numbers up.  I am happy to report that the months of January and February I was in the mid 1700 hits range, and March is starting off strong.  500 hits a month down from last year, but if you factor in that “TTXGP” is no longer in my title and that both HFL and A&R have reported waning interest in elmoto racing, that is no where near as bad as I thought.  Not great, but not bad for standing on my own with out the TTXGP name crutch. 

Also, according to WordPress I currently have 266 followers.  129 Twitter followers, 126 Facebook followers, and 11 that subscribe straight to the blog.  Now, it seems highly likely there are folks that follow me on both Twitter and Facebook, so this number is inflated, but non the less Facebook and Twitter followers have steadily been rising.  Twitter is a fickle bunch though.  One week I jumped from 120 something followers to over 130 and back down to 120 in less than a week.  I have no idea what to make of that, but I know there is some weird stuff that happens on Twitter. 

I still need more followers though, and ones that donate.  This may quickly become a pay for content site if I have to keep dipping in to my grocery fund to pay the expenses associated with running this site.  But don’t fret, it won’t be expensive at all.  I am currently looking to adopt a scheme local indy musicians here in the Nashville area have been using.  Basically you will have to donate to listen to the podcasts.  Right now we are thinking the suggested donation be a dollar, with the minimum being much lower than that as I know I have college students who listen.  I’m not trying to make a living, just cover the costs of podcasting and maybe have enough for a trip to one race.  But before you stomp off in disgust, there is also in the works that a free 15 to 20 minute version will accompany each full length podcast.  So you will get a preview that allows you to get the gist and decide for yourself if the full length version of that episode is worth paying for. 

Not as bleak as I thought.

One thought on “Things not as bleak as I thought here at ESBK

  1. Here’s a thought. Folks that follow you on Twitter could give you a shout out to their followers. You might pick up some more, just due to people interested in the topic that don’t know you’re out there.

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