The Daytona Video is Finally Here!

I had hoped there would be a full length DVD, but it just wasn’t in the cards.  But I have been assured this is the just right length for normal people.  Pfft, normal people.

It was a strange experience watching this video for the first time.  I hadn’t watched the other Daytona content in quite some time, and the month of November that followed was weighed down by a funk that some of my friends cycling experienced as well.  Other than my press pass I keep on display at work and conversations in podcasts I had nothing to remind me of Daytona.  At first it felt like I was watching someone else interviewing folks.  It was all new and how cool would it have been to be that guy right in the thick of it.  Oddly enough in my conversation with Shelina Moreda the other night she asked me directly about my feelings about having been at Daytona.  I have been very honest about how bitter-sweet the experience was and how I just did not feel Andy and I got the recognition we deserved.  Whether we did or not is for you folks to judge.  So the best I could come up with I was very proud that I was there to witness history in the making.  I was at Daytona for not just the first electric motorcycle race, but the very first zero emissions race there, ever.  Daytona.  First.  Ever.  Me.

So as the video plays on I start to remember.  The feel of a quiet paddock with the sounds of tools clinking and equipment being shuffled around.  The cement floor and how the sounds echo and resonate through the wide open space of the paddock, with the very comfortable Florida air flowing through it.  The comradery from the Aussie Catavolt team making me long to be back in Australia, where I had lived for 3 months 1.5 years previously.  Getting to know the fun guys that make up the Meunch team, meeting the Brammo team and reestablishing that relationship (as well as thanking those individuals who basically paid for my trip out of their own pockets), meeting fellow forum members and other bloggers (big thanks to Dominic of Autoblog Green for helping make the trip possible), and meeting Terry Hershner and Jeremiah Johnson and watching them take a street bike Terry rode there and convert it into a race bike.

But mostly I just remembered the distilled sensation of being there, and just what a great experience it was, and how I crave to do it again.  It’s been said that racing is a disease that you cannot get rid of.  I have to agree, but if you have to have a disease, this is the one to have.


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