Finally, grassroots electric racing takes hold. M1GP Rd 2 next weekend!

M1GP rd2

Alright, big apologies to both the M1GP and Hollywood Electrics for taking so long to get to this.  I haven’t been exactly prolific as of late waiting on the TTXGP and FIM to release their news.  The jist of all this is that the M1GP, a self described mini road-racing league in California, has adopted electric motorcycles and created a class for them.  Round 1 a few weeks ago was a dry run for the M1GP and Hollywood Electrics where Brandon Miller raced his modified (you could say highly modified and not be wrong) 2012 Zero S in the “CBR250 Cup” where he placed 3rd in race 1 and 2nd in race 2, “Open GP” with the exact same results, and the single race “Road Warrior” class where he won.  The notable rider in the group would be Motorcyclist’s own Ari Henning who competed against Brandon in all but the Road Warrior class, and I assume was on the Motorcyclist CBR250R project bike.  Ari only raced the first race of both classes, and won.  As a result of Henning running only one of the 2 possible races Miller is 2nd in the Open GP and CBR250 championships behind Tony Nolley, and also happens to be 1st in the Road Warrior championship.  In the overall championship this puts Miller 9 places ahead of Henning’s 15th, but 3 behind Tony Nolley’s 3rd.  But make no mistake, taking a look at the lap times, Ari walked the other two as is to be expected, but Miller and Nolley were quite close to each other.

Round 2 should be the first race of the new all electric class open to all production electric bikes.  I question this a bit.  The 2012 Zero, even with an up sized controller, is still a good fit for the M1GP; but the new 2013 bikes are beasts in comparison.  The biggest bikes in the M1GP are single cylinder 4-stroke Super Motos of under 450cc.  The rumor mill has it that a stock Empulse R is about as fast as a “raced out” 400cc 4 cylinder (ie VFR400, CBR400, GSX-R400 etc.) around a race track.  I think it was only down on top end speed.  The 2013 Zero S with a bit more claimed torque and a lot less weight, but no transmission, is sure to be about as fast.  These will be by far the most powerful bikes there should anyone show up with 2013s.  I think the main focus is to get people on 2012s and older as they would be a lot cheaper to buy and as many of the kart tracks the M1GP uses might be a bit tight for the Brammos and favor the older Zeros.  The rules do say that they are open for now but may necessitate being more stringent in the future.  I see 2013s getting banned in a hurry, but really if Hollywood Electric thought it was going to be an issue I’m sure they would have already.  Hollywood Electric has a full contingency program as well as new and used bikes and race kits ready to go.  Here are the rules from the M1GP site and the original press release:

Hollywood Electrics Race Class

Hollywood Electrics is offering both a race package for their customers to race in the M1-Grand Prix Motorcycle Road Racing Series, as well as contingency for the Hollywood Electrics class.
Hollywood Electrics Race Package

How to get the race package:
Purchase a bike from Hollywood Electrics (new or used). Visit:
The package includes:

    • extra grips (2)
    • extra throttle (1)
    • extra brake lever (1)
    • foot pegs (2)
    • Hollywood Electrics Decals
    • Hollywood Electrics Shirt
    • includes (1) 2013 membership (cash reimbursement from Hollywood Electrics after racing 4 rounds)

Hollywood Electrics Contingency

The first contingency round for the Hollywood Electrics class starts with M1GP’s ROUND 2 at Horse Thief Mile (See Calendar).

A minimum of 3 Zero Motorcycles must be pre-registered (on the M1GP website) and race in the class for contingecy to be awarded.
Contingecy payout is as follows in Hollywood Electrics Store credit for anything (including tires).

    • 1st Place – $500. value
    • 2nd Place – $250. value
    • 3rd Place – $100. value


For now, this will be an open class (any electric model or make) can race, however only Zero Motorcycles will qualify for the contingency.
The rules for this class are VERY easyto encourage participation, and may become more rigid as needed later in the season.

All competing bikes must run both a Hollywood Electrics and M1GP race decals as well as number plates (numbers can be selected from the available numbers on the membership page at the time of membership purchase).
All bikes must pass tech (no leaking or loose parts) safety wire and silicone to secure bolts.

Sponsor Link:

Los Angeles, California USA. Feb. 11, 2013


Young Lee


PO BOX 15156

Long Beach, CA 90815


Phone: 310.497.3155

Fax: 815.301.2979

Harlan Flagg

Hollywood Electrics

901 N. Fairfax Ave.

West Hollywood, CA 90046


Hollywood Electrics and M1GP are making American Motorcycle Road Racing history by teaming up to bring the first electric motorcycle racing class to club-level racing.

“Hollywood Electrics is excited to partner with M1GP to establish an accessible outlet for electric motorcycle owners who are interested in road racing,” said Harlan Flagg, owner of Hollywood Electrics and Zero Motorcycles’ top dealer.  “Production electric motorcycles have reached a performance level similar to that of the smaller displacement bikes the riders of M1GP have always relied on.  By introducing an electric motorcycle class, electric riders can have confidence knowing that there is a safe and welcoming venue for aspiring racers.  It is our belief that having more bikes on the track, whether gas or electric, will benefit the sport and continue to breed safer and confident riders.”

M1GP Racing – Motorcycle Road Racing Association, known primarily for mini-class road racing in United States with its popular sprint and world famous endurance races is now the first in the country to offer an all-electric bike racing class in club-level racing.
“I think electric bikes are attractive to a group of riders which may not have considered racing conventional race bikes for a variety of reasons, but can appreciate competitive and spirited riding & racing. We’re excited about electric bike racers to come mix it up and being part of the M1GP community.  I got to ride an electric bike during the time trials at the kart track with Brandon Miller and there was some concern that the size of the bike on the tight kart track wouldn’t be much fun, but it was a blast!  With some of the other circuits we’re racing (Streets of Willow and Horse Thief Mile), the 2013 M1GP season is going to make for a wide variety of courses & some great racing”, said Young Lee, owner of M1GP.

“I’m thrilled that Harlan and Hollywood Electrics are joining the M1GP season and racing community”

To kick off this maiden racing class, Hollywood Electrics is offering racers in The Hollywood Electrics E-Bike Racing Class, a racing package including a racing membership, and commonly needed spare parts, and contingency in the form of shop certificates.  The first contingency round with M1GP will be held in March at Horse Thief Mile .  Details for the contingency and classes will be available on the M1GP and Hollywood Electrics website.

For more information about classes, schedule and fees, please visit

For more information about Hollywood Electrics and their line of electric motorcycles, please visit

Young Lee
Owner | Director
PO BOX 15156
Long Beach, CA 90815
Phone: 310.497.3155
Fax: 815.301.2979

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