New ‘Stuff’ from Amarok

You don’t hear too much about Amarok from me, but there hasn’t been much to tell since they announced that they are going to race in the TTXGP a few months ago.  I have decided to take a wait and see with Amarok because, as a race fan and a fan of cool bikes, I have been burned by them and others before.  Now, they are taking things much more seriously this year with appearances at Canadian motorcycle trade shows, videos, and now a new web page.  Their bike has always intrigued me and, with a military aviation background that that goes 3 generations deep, makes a lot of sense to me as well.  The 3 things that intrigue me the most are the linkage front suspension (my mountain bike also has a rare linkage fork), the air intake and exhaust ports for the motor (how much air really gets in there with the front fairing and riders arms in the way, or is it getting sucked in?), and finally the sub-frame tubing attaching the top headset to the main body.

Really, the only new stuff is the video which went up about a week ago and the new website which is just informative enough to be worth a visit, but doesn’t have enough content to warrant pouring over for hours.  I really wish you could blow the pictures of the prototypes up some more.  I want a look at that front suspension.  The video is definitely worth watching as well.  The use of the skin of the bike as its structure is the aviation design influence that has been their trademark from the beginning.  But I am very curious to see how well this exercise in balancing of forces works.  What Michael Uhlarik (Hell For Leather Magazine contributor) says in their latest video makes a lot of sense, and just leaves me wanting to know more.  He has been in the industry for a long time, so he should know from which he speaks.  Time will tell.  Give ‘em look.

2 thoughts on “New ‘Stuff’ from Amarok

  1. Interesting. A return to TTXGP for the Agni motors? At least on the North American circuits.. 80 hp from two motors isn’t pushing them too hard, they’re still very light for the power.

    1. I’m not so sure 80hp out of dual Agnis isn’t pushing them hard. From what I’ve read much past that and you are asking for serious trouble. But the bike is supposed to be only a little over 300lbs, so the power to weight will be good. And there is a lot going on with chassis design too. But look at the big air vents they have for the motors. If they do it right they may get more continuous power out of those Agnis. And I don’t think those are the new ones either. Version 2 is supposed to be here mid race season.

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