TTXGP/e-Power 2013 teaser

OK, long conversation tonight with Azhar, who was a little less tired than last night.  I do have the scoop but gonna be a good blogger and wait for the signal.  Do you think its a bitch waiting on the TTXGP?  Try being them with some pretty exciting news that everyone wants and NEEDS, and not being able to tell anyone because things keep getting delayed.  I’ll say this, some serious thought has been put into how to make things as good and stable as possible for the teams and manufacturers for quite some time to come, as well as for the little guy.  On that note, do you think you’re fast enough and working your way through the club and AMA ranks way too long a route for you to get to the world stage?  Want an easier way to get from racing stateside to racing in front those guys overseas that want you to show them what you got?  Well, you’d better think real long and hard about swapping your ponies for watts.

Of course this all hinges on all the i’s getting dotted, as well as all the t’s getting crossed.  From what I can tell, its not if but when, and we should hear something very soon.  And yes, that’s what we’ve been hearing since December.  Let’s just say a lot more more went into this winter’s work than just next year’s racing schedule.

6 thoughts on “TTXGP/e-Power 2013 teaser

  1. I think the delay in any information is hurting the series. How can a team or individual plan or even budget when they don’t know anything..first race date, number of races, location of races, class structure, new rules, FIM changes…etc If the teams were at least in the loop with current information it would be a tremendous help. I have never seen a race org wait until March to publish a single bit of information for the current season. This is a big disappointment with the TTXGP. Even previous/current teams are being kept in the dark. This is sad. As with any corporate “secret”, the truth and even partial information is better than rumors and no information at all.

    1. It sure isn’t helping, but I think the only way it’ll be hurtful is if it contributes to teams not showing up. It would be harmful if anyone was actually paying attention. Both A&R and HFL have both said interest in the TTXGP or e-Power series is way down. I think the Empulse and 2013 Zero line may be bringing interest back in a round about way, but no one main stream is really looking or caring. I am really surprised that the teams are as out of the loop as they are. I did hear back at Daytona that the TTXGP had come under a lot of criticism for releasing provisional dates in the past, and so they had gotten tighter lipped about it. Maybe that combined with the recent change and addition in personnel is the reason for the silence this spring? I know the big focus of the past 2 years for the TTXGP is getting the schedule out in a decent time for a change. And with all their effort it hasn’t really improved. I do not know what the bottleneck is. But be sure the TTXGP is very well aware of the consequences you mentioned. Things should get a whole lot better in 2014. But I think I say that every year.

      1. Has it been confirmed that the TTXGP US will abide by full FIM rules for 2013? If so, teams must have at least 60 days minimum notice for each event….which is hardly adequate IMO for teams traveling long distances. Can we then expect a May race date? Hopefully, we will know sooner than later.

      2. From what I know there will be little to no rules changes for 2013, as evidenced by the 2013 e-power rules you found. There isn’t much differences between the 2 series anyway. But nothing has been confirmed yet, even though we all thought it would have been weeks ago. I seriously doubt any May dates. I know there will be no May or June dates in the US, and I seriously doubt races will start that early in Europe. But I suspect the FIM will be more in control of the dates in Europe. I wouldn’t get your panties in a bunch.

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