How quickly we (I) become ungrateful little pricks

This weekend I spent hours writing a rough first draft of a post that quickly became one of my epics.  I have a few big ones I just haven’t had the energy or time to finish.  Anyway, it is about the performance of the 2013 Empulse and Zero S ZF11.4 and comparing it to modern gas bikes.  Another very popular post I wrote was a comparison of the two bikes.  The problem is there are no real performance numbers on either bike, so its all just a guess.  But a similar conversation is going on over on the Brammo Forum, as several Zero owners (who were on the Empulse waiting list) hang out there as well.  But as many of you folks do, just as I do, we talk about these things so much even though 2013 Zeros have yet to even hit the dealerships its all almost old news.  I think the Empulse more so, as we have been waiting so long for it.  But even then, because we tend to spend our spare time chatting on forums and reading blog posts, magazine articles, and company PR stuff we tend to forget it’s new.  Its not just elmotos, I found myself thinking in a similar fashion about bicycle and ICE motorcycles over the years.  So, what you get is some folks (OK, me) serious geeking out on which bike is going to be “better” and how the performance is “only” up to the performance of lightweight sportbikes (or so we think), and not taking a moment to seriously appreciate what Brammo and Zero have brought to the table so far this year.  Let’s take a deep breath and take a moment to appreciate at how far our elmotos have come, and how hard everyone in the industry and community has worked to help get us here.

One thought on “How quickly we (I) become ungrateful little pricks

  1. Both the quality and the performance of the 2013 Zero and Brammo bikes this year are going to blow away previous production bikes.

    They’re still expensive .. but you get a lot more bike for $19k this year with an Empulse R or $14 – $16k for a 2013 Zero S than you did last year with the 2012 Zero S ZF9 at $14k.

    It’s pretty awesome to see the industry maturing like this before our eyes.

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