ESBK Studios: Episode 15 Interview with Colin Whittamore of Mugen



I believe this is a must hear interview, and certainly not because of my vaguely mediocre hosting skills, but because of Mr. Whittamore.  We talk about how the program came about, why they decided to do it and how they benefit, how they are not a re-badged Honda program, and how EVs are racing’s future.  Please give a listen, but be warned there are 2 parts where I get really loud that I could figure out how to bring the volume down.

Episode 15 Interview with Colin Whittamore of Mugen

9 thoughts on “ESBK Studios: Episode 15 Interview with Colin Whittamore of Mugen

      1. Program started as an idea in 2010 with trip to the Isle of Man. Mugen was thinking about doing something for the TT. On the way home they decided they were going to do something, but at the time probably gas powered, but the electric seemed interesting. They finally decided to do an electric bike and actually started building the bike 9 months before the 2012 TT. It is their program, and not a Honda program. They have close ties with Honda after 40 years of working with both Honda and their product and have friends at Honda they can get advice from, but this ia a paid and worked on project by Mugen. Honda engineers there at the TT this year with Mugen were there of their own free time to help out as volunteers, and copied Honda suspension design and used Honda sbk parts to help fast track development. They pulled in some serious favors getting John McGuinness to ride for them, but McGuinness was more than willing. They went electric for the challenge, but it also make sense because a lot of their racing car programs are dealing more and more with electrification, so doing an electric motorcycle program and developing that gives them an advantage with their car programs. And finally, Mr. Whittamore truly believes the future of motorcycle racing is electric.

  1. I got the impression, through my rose-colored headphones, that they’re building a new bike for 2013 and they didn’t rule out a certain road racing championship.

    1. Well they were quite clear the 2012 bike was going to the museum, and the rumors are they are trying to bring 2 riders to the TT next year. So new bike definitely. But to me they sounded like they wanted a TT win before moving on to TTXGP or e-Power. But I think they now realize they could very well have raced in Europe. I guess it all depends on how much man power and hours they are willing to devote to a circuit racing program. I think if there was a TTXGP continental championship in Asia it’d be a no brainer. It doesn’t sound like they are scared to budget the money. More like they don’t want to compromise any of the other racing projects.

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