BRD, Zero, and Brammo miss the start of the AMA Supercross season

Engage MX prototype2013_zero-mx_detail_fr-fork_1680x1200_pressredshift_mx_large

(photo from   (Photo courtesy of Zero Motorcycles)  (Photo from BRD’s website)

Ha, ha, got you.  Well, actually they have missed the start of the AMA Supercross season, but as far as I know they had no intention of running it in the first place.  BRD has most definitely made no qualms about their (from all accounts) badass Red Shift MX being an all out electric MX race bike, aimed squarely at crushing the 250cc/MotoLites class.  From unofficial accounts, the folks at Brammo working on the 6-speed Engage MX feel similar about their up coming bike.  Honestly I had expected to hear more about the bikes by now, but we saw how long it took to get the Enertia+ and Empulse to market, so I guess it’s no surprise.  both bikes are available for pre-order, and I guess will be released this year, but it all seems a bit vague at the moment.  I will chuckle pretty hard if they accidentally get released at the same time.

The Zero, however, with 27hp/54hp and a claimed 68ft-lb of torque looks not to be aimed at 250s, but ready to throw down with the 450cc/Open classers.  Zero’s Scot Harden announced at the 2012 Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, CA that the 2013 Zero MX, “is comparable to any Open Class Motocross bike on the market today.”  In my interview with Kenyon Kluge he seemed to think it would easily compete with 250 race bikes, and might even have a shot at 450s, but was admittedly not a motocross guys, and couldn’t really speak to that.  Zero also boasts that they have the lightest frame on the market.  If that is stock power, I am sure there is more that can be had in race form.  But if that is enough to compete with the “big dogS”, I don’t know.

I have talked about this before and I really believe, maybe foolishly, that these bikes can bang bars with gas bikes on gas bike turf and with gas bike rules.  And, that getting these bikes in the AMA and in the hands of winning riders is the way to prove to the unwashed masses that these bikes are no joke and something they want.

One thing I learned from my interview with Mr. Kluge, is that they have no intention on leaving the power where it is.  They do seem to intend to offer the most powerful motocross bikes on the market, period.

Now, while they have missed the start of the 2013 SX and Arenacross series, as far as I can tell, the FIM Motocross season starts in March, and the AMA Motocross season starts in May.  Will someone with a lot of money please light a fire under these people?

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