Personal File: My journey back to the Motorcycling lifestyle started tonight

My new to me VF500F Interceptor
My new to me VF500F Interceptor

I gave up a lot when I left the Navy to pursue the reason I joined in the first place, being a music teacher.  I didn’t play music enough while I was in the Navy, and spent what I knew were those most precious of years to hoan your musicianship (the early 20s) fixing the Navy aircraft’s electrical system and components.  But I just before the Navy and considered during my time there, my personal trifecta.  Jazz, cycling, and motorcycling.

Then I went back to school, and the struggle to pay bills and keep vehicles running that accompanies it.  My ’91 VFR750F was my second bike and I put 50,000 on it in 5 years.  It put up a good fight me riding it as my main transportation in the not exactly dry summers, and being parked during the long winters.  But eventually the wiring harness gave up.  My first bike, also an ’86 500 Interceptor, had long since been retired to project status, and was meant to be my track bike.  If that seems odd, you have to remember the closest track was NHIS, and the VFR was just way too good a daily bike to put on the track.  But after having received my license in 1998, 2007 was the last year I rode.  I replaced the wiring harness on my VFR, but it needed other maintenance and by them school started back up, and after that my brother’s garage roof gave up.  Then my 500 and my Mom’s 500 I had yet to finish sorting out, and any part that hadn’t been attached to my VFR (wheels, exhaust, box full of bolts to put it back together, were stolen.  For 3 years my mantra had been, “I know I am back on track when I am track enough that I can get my bikes going,” after life took one of those down turns in.  Basically my goal post, and the gate back to a life style that had been so much of my early adult life was gone.  Poof.

Usually, it seems hard to believe a certain amount of time has passed, but I think I feel every one of the 6 years it has been since I have had working motorcycle.  It’s not over yet.  The bike has been in storage for 10 years.  But I have a good buddy with a nice garage, an equal passion for motorcycles, and experience with old bikes.  The conversation on the way home was fun though.  People forget how advanced this bike was for the era.  6 speed transmission, water cooled, dual piston front brake calipers, and a disc rear brake.  Even GP styled squared steel tubing parameter frame.  And my favorite, all the folk over the  years that have insisted that it isn’t a V-4 but a twin with dual plugs per cylinder.  But that was after the stupidly long list we made of all the stuff that has to be replaced.

If I had the cash, I’d love to go get what’s left of my VFR and convert that.  But that’s not going to happen , for many reasons.

I know this isn’t electric, and it’s not going to be.  And maybe it’s a feeble attempt at connecting with my youth.  But I’m hoping it is the first step at adding some much needed balance back to my life.  I sooo need to feel the scraping of feeler pegs again.

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