IOM adds an extra day to the TT Zero’s week

From Facebook
From Facebook

In my conversation with Mark Miller two months back he mentioned that the IOM had officially added an extra day of practice.  In all of the excitement I forgot all about it.  Feel free to send hate mail.  Anyway, I got off my keester and got a hold of Paul Phillips of the Isle of Man government to see just what it was we had to look forward to.  Here is what he had to say to all us elmoto fans:

For TT Zero 2013, we will be running a fairly similar programme to last year, apart from the additional lap of practice/qualifying. This gives the TT Zero bikes in the region of 150miles plus of track mileage split between the four days they are involved. TT Zero is a full TT Race and we are hopeful that the entry will grow upon last year hopefully including a team mate for John McGuinness with Team Mugen. We hope that all those who have been involved to date return and there has been contact from several people looking to build something new just for the race.

This still doesn’t give TT Zero riders enough laps on the electric bikes to be exclusively TT Zero riders, but most of the top riders don’t do only one class anyway.  I have to agree that prototype bikes arguably need at least as many laps as production based bikes, and they are still no where near parody in that respect.  But it is progress, and beggars can’t be choosers.  Although, that doesn’t seem to stop me from whining an awful lot.

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