Daytona: The hangover.

TTXGP World Final group photo
TTXGP World Final group photo

Well, I’ve been dead quiet for a month.  Nothing in particular, just haven’t had the energy I guess.  Some of it may have been I had such a great time at Daytona, and feel just that little bit more of the elmoto community, or at least the TTXGP community to be fair, that returning back to normal life was a bit of a bummer.  Someone call Dr. Drew, I may have an addiction. 😀  Some of it is as a bicycle mechanic, and the only employee at my bike shop, because of Daytona I had completely missed out on Interbike and Eurobike and the new tech coming out, and have had to concentrate on that for a bit.

A lot has been happening as of late, but let me say this about where I left off a month ago, and the world final specifically.  Brammo took the World Final from a Munch, who I don’t really think was prepared for just how fast Brammo was.  The race did not have a big field (5 bikes), and the actual racing wasn’t close, but the drama that went on all weekend, and the great and fun people involved was sooo worth it.  Also, it was Daytona, and not only was it the first TTXGP World Final in the US, but also the first zero emissions race at Daytona.  That is history, and I am in the photo to prove it.  That race at Daytona means something, and will forever mean something, especially to US fans of elmoto racing.  It also means something to Munch and Catavolt, and their riders, who were just so happy to find themselves at Daytona.  While they all had reasons, some really good, and others complete BS, every team who did not make it has to realize they screwed up by not making Daytona, and getting there, a priority.  Now, the main stream press have slowly dropped their coverage of the TTXGP series off.  Really the average joe is only mildly interested, and a world championship of only 5 bikes makes it hard to write form your desk in LA.  Motorcyclist for some reason has taken to trying to cover the elmoto world.  At least one writer has.  I don’t particularly see him as succeeding, but I found it odd the magazine hit the stands the same weekend of the world final.  Many of you may have found these articles interesting and good.  Personally, I barely made it through the BRD article before losing my appetite.  I was so pissed off I haven’t touch any of the 3 magazines I bought that day in the airport since.  Marc from BRD replied to my comment on their Facebook page, and really any press is good press.  And for them to be in Motorcyclist is a big deal.  I am sure I will go back and read the article and wonder while I got so wound up, but I still think it’s a crap article.  Even A&R and HFL don’t cover the races much any more, although has picked it up.  A&R has a personal vandetta against the TTXGP.  Not to mention that the is one team out there that will shit talk about the TTXGP at the drop of a hat, and at times you can find A&R up their butt.  I am not sure HFL ever did really, and said the grids were to small to bother with.  But Wes almost had sex with the Empulse on camera when Brammo let him be the first to review the bike.  There’s something a bit off there.  Probably jealousy on my end.  The problem with all of the previously mentioned is that they have no friggin’ clue about the technology, much less all the sides of what is going on in the sport, so they don’t know when a story is actually a story.  They’re clueless.  And this coming from a guy who’s been convinced for months that the Remy motors were induction motors.  In my defense, they have an induction option, but still.  Really, the only person whose articles you should be reading is Sir Alan Cathcart’s, period.  On the other end of the spectrum, Andy ( and I bust our butts getting great content out during the whole race weekend, to include Brammo, and their marketing people couldn’t even bother to include us in the list of articles coming out of that weekend.  Brammo hired some ringers for their own videos, which were really well done, but has made it hard if not impossible for us to get any recognition for doing this in the future.  Go ahead and look in the forums.  The only one who talks about us is Andy and I.  But all kinds of conversation about the Brammo videos.  At least Brammo retweeted us, and thanked us at the track.  So, when you look at it like that, just me,, David Herron, and AutoblogGreen (and some others) covering the race, you can make the argument that the teams that didn’t show saved their money.  They did do that.  Don’t get me wrong, two of the days I was there I broke new records for the most hits in a day, but if wanted exposure for your product you weren’t getting much.  However, the history book is the history book, and if you are only in this game to promote your product right now you need to pack your bags and wait until the people putting the hard work in now build the series/sport/industry.  You can come back later and be second rate player for the rest of your career.

Daytona was a lot of work, and I am very grateful for you folks supporting me so I could do it and that I was able to be a part of history.  I believe everyone got their money’s worth.  Actually, I am certain of it, and that is thanks to Andy as much as anyone.  I do have numbers now, that I can use to justify sponsorship to cover future events.  And I did get a mild bump in followers.  However, if the historical significance wasn’t there, I would have considered the weekend a failure for me and the site.  First, 75% of the cash I got came from Brammo employees, not the average readers/listener.  And second, I have to say I really was pretty gutted by the lack of buzz generated by the site in my coverage of the weekend.  I really don’t know if I will cover another race ever again.  Some have been asked directly in the past why there isn’t more coverage earlier in the year.  Now you know.  Either there are “3” fans, or the fans aren’t supporting the coverage there is.  I cannot justify the work and taking the time off from work and my personal life, if not one cares.  Simple as that.  And that may be more of a reason for my silence as anything.

Daytona was a chance to test my mettle, sort to speak.  I proved what I wanted to, and have some numbers to support that.  But I am really not sure how much I will put into it from here. Hard work pays off only if anyone is willing to pay for it afterwords.  I have many new friends and contacts, and with each one the whole picture becomes clearer.  Fortunately the sport is still small enough that we have even a chance of grasping the whole picture.

Edit:  As I was writing this I completely forgot that Michael Uhlarik, long time motorcycle industry insider, writes for HFL.  He has a clue, or at least he should.  Some of the things he writes makes me go. “huh?”  But I figure he’s just writing over my head.  We should see how well he knows his elmoto stuff when he races the Amarok in the TTXGP this year.  The Agni motors aren’t the top tech, but they are light and very efficient, and he feels they are all he’ll need.

4 thoughts on “Daytona: The hangover.

  1. Good stuff. Well you will be happy to know that once I move house this weekend to finish the video edit for Daytona. It’s been hectic here since I got back. Finally finished the Hunter Valley EV Prize DVD which was a mammoth task in itself. Looking forward to the next electric motorcycle racing season. Have a great Christmas Mr. TTXGP fan. Awesome working with you.Andy.

  2. Hey – I may not say it very much, but I really appreciate both of you guys and what you do covering the electric motorcycle world – both in racing and in the industry coverage. I’ve missed your posts, Richard.

    1. We appreciate you Harry! No worries. I am not blaming anyone or anything. People like what they like, but it was very frustrating to put that much effort into something and seem to miss the mark.

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