Amarok discovers New Media

This video comes from this article in The Chronicle Herald.  It is worth reading, for sure.

Yeah, yeah, I haven’t been very prolific as of late, and I start off with a snarky title to this post ‘aboot’ the Canadian guys, Amarok Racing.  Well, I’m sorry but it’s a bit deserving.  We have patiently been waiting for them to show up to a race for 2 years.  [Edit} We hear they are In 2011 they said they were going to race at the beginning of the season, and 2012 they expressed interest and hope in having the bike ready for at least one race, and being in the paddock.  Then they seemingly disappear into some far away place like, oh . . . Nova Scotia.  When I talk about how teams not showing is the most damning thing to the sport, this is one of the teams I am referring too. And often with no word out of them after that.  And yes, I have attempted to contact them before.  But they, at least, acknowledge their “mistakes” (seems to strong a word) from 2011.

But, lets face it.  If this elmoto racing thing was so easy and affordable, I’d be doing it.  And, this bike is just cool.  Last we heard, it was using design elements from aviation (always a way to sucker me in).  The bike uses it’s skin as a structural member (think aircraft wing), making a great place to house everything else.  Basically the complete opposite of the Lightning, in so many ways.  So, when people talk about electric drivetrains giving room to blank sheet motorcycle designs, this is what they are talking about.  In The Chronicle Herald article , they go on to say that they want to see their bike carving up the inside of a bike like the Brammo, knowing full well that the 80hp (most likely still Agnis) motors won’t keep up on the straight.  Their bike should weigh significantly less.  If I read between the lines a bit I’d say they are aiming for minimum weight less (100kg or 220.46 lbs).  But after having seen the Brammo with my eyes twice now, I think you would be hard pressed to out corner speed that thing, and you won’t be anywhere near enough to it in the first place.  The only time it will dice one up in the corners is if it’s in the process of getting lapped.  Last we heard it was going to be a 75 award bike.  With VT Bolt moving to the GP class I don’t see Amarok having anyone to play with.  And my basic math has told be you can’t really use all of a 7.5kWh pack in a race with dual Agnis any way.  Mostly because you can’t reliably dial them up enough to use all of the energy.  You start looking at 100hp (75kW) though,  and then you’ve gone a bit too far.  Although eCRP and ZongShen were able to get quite a lot of their dual Agni bikes.  In a session on the egrandprix forum last spring, Agni was trying to convince Amarok to use their new larger motors.  Those, might do the trick.  But, if this bike is as light as the article implies it is, the 2013 eSuperStocks may still be looking at the TTX75 bike’s backsides even with the last gen Agnis.

Either way it is great to see the bike on the track, and moving!  Don’t worry, these folks are on my list to ask for an interview for my podcast, but I have three episodes to edit and put out as it is.  It’ll be a while.  In the mean time follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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