Teams push the bikes hard for Qualifying, and the bikes push back

Everything was so hunky dory this morning.  Catavolt had finally fixed the tiny leak in their cooling system, and Brammo had the new parts for Steve’s bike,’s bike was running well, and the Muench was working with expected German efficiency.

Well somewhere during the big break from the second practice session to Qualifying the gremilins crawled into the bikes.  Both Brammo bikes while going a couple of seconds faster in qualifying had cut-out issues, although their pit looks calm now, and hour later.  Catavolt had a big failure of some sort in their motor and are currently repairing it.  It looks like a long evening for them, but they were on that bike like ants right after qualifying.

Muench and are fine and had solid qualifying with Muench finding themselves now only 5 to 6 seconds a lap off of Brammo instead of 7 to 8, with a 2:04.897.  Jeremiah Johnson ran a 2:50.624.  Catavolt qualify with their 2:33.732 from this morning’s practice.  Brammo’s Steve Atlas got a 1:59.397, and Eric Bostrom ran a 1:58.548.  In a quick interview I did for the TTXGP Eric said he was really disappointed he wasn’t able to run closer to the 1:56 range.  Daytona Sport bikes were running 1:49.607, and Supersport 1:51.392 back last March.

There is plenty of drama happening this weekend, well this afternoon anyway.  but what hasn’t been a drama is Daytona International Speedway’s attitude towrads the elmotos.  It has been nothing but warm and helpful.  So much so the President of the track, Mr. Joie Chitwood III, is said to be handing out the awards after tomorrow’s race!

Thank you Daytona and AHRMA!

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