Yeah, yeah.

I am here at Daytona and have been doing quick video interviews that hopefully will be up tonight. 

Lightning is not here and paddock rumors have the bike stuck in customs.  Atlas’s bike had teething issues and didn’t make practice.  Jeremiah Johnson just got here maybe an hour ago and I have yet to talk to him.  Muech is running good and a fun bunch of guys.

Catavolt is also doing well and trying fill the last pin hole leak in there motor cooling system so they can run full throttle instead of 40% and 400 ftlb of torque.  Not a typo.  And I believe I transfixed poor Eric Bostrom.

Everyone had issues with traffic in practice so they aren’t really quoting lap times.  But Bostrom thinks they can run under 2 minutes.

5 thoughts on “Yeah, yeah.

      1. Yep the hub motor torque is very high, because that torque is the wheel torque. Brammos motor doesn’t need to be a high torque motor because they can gear the motor to give more wheel torque. I wish everyone stated the wheel torque number because it would be a whole lot easier to compare bike specs than motor torque. Weight and wheel torque would let you know which bike should accelerate faster and peak horsepower, gearing, and motor RPM limit would allow you to predict which bikes will have a higher top speed. I like numbers 😀

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