Wrap up of Friday’s Practice

Well it started with a 4am run to Nashville’s airport and then a connection from Atlanta to Daytona.  Finding Domenick to get a ride to the track was typically comical.  I missed the practice, but I had to guess when I bought my plane ticket a month ago, so thems the breaks.  Fortunately everyone was there and Andy and I (evmotorcycle.org) set to work getting “quick” interviews.  As you can see there’s no audio or video up.  That was some work, and it’s not done yet.

As you have read, Lightning is not here.  Their bike is NOT stuck in customs as per the rumor.  But it did come back really late and appears to have thrown too much of a monkey wrench in their works to make it possible for them to make it.  Steve Atlas’s bike did not run in the morning due to some clearance issues in the motor, which has been rectified, and spare parts are on their way as we speak just encase.  The TTXGP worked with AHRMA to get Steve some track time and he ran 3 laps, even though he was only supposed to have done 2, but he passed some serious old school superbikes like they had flat tires on the tri-oval section of the track I could see.  Yes he ran an extra lap, but those who know Steve’s racer’s instinct were more concerned he’d see a flag and run the whole race.  All teams were offered the extra track time in fairness, and they all stayed put.  These are upstanding racers and teams in this paddock.

Terry Hershner also was here with Jeremiah Johnson, who showed up later int he afternoon.  He received a programmed controller that doesn’t apear to work and it looks like he will be racing Terry’s Zero come Sunday.  Mark of Enertrac and his son are here supporting the Aussies who are loving being at Daytona.  They found a pin leak in the new water-cooling system for the motor, and spent the afternoon after practice fixing it.  They are hopeful that with the new cooling system they can run full power that is only at 40% in it’s air-cooled configuration.  Oh, and 40% is 60hp and over 400ft-lb of torque.

Speaking of power, Brian shared that they new motor is up to 150hp, which I had suspected (randomly), but I couldn’t get torque figures out of him.  I asked Steve-O when he thought these bikes would need traction control.  His reply was, “Right now.”  It’s a powerful bike.  Something else I found of interest is that Eric Bostrom is a Dunlop sponsored rider and Steve is Pirelli sponsored.  Eric is riding a set of Dunlop DOT race tires (I believe MotoCzysz did a similar thing to reduce weight in the TT Zero one year) and a 190 rear, while Steve is on full slicks with a fatter 200 width.  I asked Brian if having two riders on different tires caused any issues, and he said quite calmly that they didn’t.  He actually had to think for a moment, so clearly it is a non-issue.  Is this a clue to another characteristic of elmotos?

Muench’s bike is ready to go.  They wish they had the power to keep Brammo honest but have lost their main sponsor due to it’s financial difficulties, so they just consider themselves fortunate, and are true competitors.  They are some really nice guys, and Himmelman is as kookie as I am, so it’s great!  Their bike is very well put together and I am excited to see it run in practice and qualifying tomorrow.

They, like the Aussies, were awed to find themselves at Daytona.  It is a special place.  But sometimes it takes some people “from away” to help you remember that.

Enjoy the pics from the interviews we did today!

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