What to watch for at Daytona

Richard Hatfield took this pic at Miller in 2011! Yes, I AM that cool! Ok, maybe not. 😀

My last post until Friday morning.
As far as lap times goes, this spring the AMA ran at Daytona.  The fastest SuperSport bike (barely modified 600cc sportbikes) ran a 1:51.392, and the fastest Daytona Sportbike (fairly modified 600cc sportbikes) ran a 1:49.607.  I do not know what the 1000cc Superbikes run on that course because they have not been allowed to do so for some time, which I have talked about before.  For what it’s like to race a gas bike at Daytona and what makes the track so unique listen to Episode 11 of the podcast.  I interview a former club endurance racer, Shelina Moreda, and Mark Miller to get their insight.  I wholeheartedly believe that if they were to run flat out the Brammo and Lightning could put in faster lap times.  They have 600cc flickability with Superbike power, but with streetbike weight.  But we’ll have to see how the bikes are set up, as they have to make it 5-6 laps around the high banks and infield of Daytona.  The good thing is the infield is said to be a fairly flowing bit of track hopefully allowing the elmotos to carry more speed.

From me you should expect posts to the blog with pictures of the teams that are there, brief audio or video interviews after each session that may be up an hour or two after each session, posting of the time sheets as I can get my grubby hands on them, and in-depth  interviews with teams and riders as I can grab them in both audio and video formats following Daytona. But expect about a week before you see those.  I might have some more stuff up my sleeve, but it depends on time and permission.

Otherwise David Herron will be there, as well as, Autoblog Green, EmpulseBuyer, and EVMotorcycle.org.  Hell For Leather and Asphalt and Rubber will not be there, but it would not surprise me to find Gas2.0 and Motorcycle.com there as well.  It should be really well covered.

I will try to be active on twitter as well, but it depends on how well my phone wants to work.


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