eCRP to have live streaming of running Energica November 7th, the week berfore EICMA

So I was a few days behind in posting about the running prototype, but I had this in my mailbox when I got home today:

ENERGICA on line live streaming from a special location: the Casa Enzo Ferrari Museum.

The CRP Group returns to Milan at EICMA to present the first Italian running prototype of electric motorcycle, ENERGICA, but on the 7th of November the excellence of Modena will be disclosed in advance with a live streaming from MEF

From racetrack to street, from eCRP to ENERGICA. The CRP Group arrives at the International Exhibition of two wheels to present the first Italian running prototype of electric streetbike: ENERGICA.
In Milan from November 15 to 18 the CRP Group will participate as an exhibitor to show the important project of electric streetbike, the result of know-how of over 40 years of experience in the world of high performing sectors.

CRP takes part at EICMA 2012 inside the Green Planet that is the area dedicated to the latest generation of green-tech vehicles. For the occasion, the Italian manufacturer will show ENERGICA, whose concept was presented in 2011 at EICMA. The aim is to give substance to a project started from a blank sheet of paper and, thanks to the CRP expertise in the racing field, could be realized in record time.
Innovation and entrepreneurial genius of the manufacturer of Modena has led to a project of international importance. ENERGICA represents the first Italian running prototype of electric motorcycle, coming from the passion and experience of CRP that has been able to meet the challenge of change towards the assertation of the technology of an eco-friendly future. It is not by chance that this ambitious project, was realized in Modena, a city of the Emilia Romagna region. A land deeply attached to traditions and values, in which the entrepreneurial spirit has created over the years many relevant realities that have become an example of Made-in-Italy success.

In order to support the strong relationship that the CRP Group has with its homeland Modena, the Italian manufacturer has signed an agreement with GRID MODENA, the company that manages the Casa Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena. It is a place of great prestige and representation that was chosen for the online streaming to show ENERGICA on November 7. The Casa Enzo Ferrari Museum represents a masterpiece of architecture for its  high innovative character that goes well with CRP pioneer spirit. ENERGICA will be hosted on November 7 among the cars that have written the history of the cavallino rampante of Maranello.

The live streaming from the Casa Enzo Ferrari Museum has the aim to strengthen the sense of belonging of ENERGICA to the territory of Emilia. ENERGICA becomes the Italian witness worth to be described and showed for what it represents in the world of sustainable mobility at high performance. The CRP Group thanks to its forward-looking vision could give a strong impetus to the creation of a real green-tech district, thanks to the creation of the first Italian electric motorcycle.

EICMA 2012 is one of the most meaningful exhibition of  two wheels and CRP has decided to bring on stage at the show other excellence of local partnership. The concept of the booth is done by an architect of Modena (Sofia Cattinari) as well as the clothes of the models at the booth are designed by a young designer from Modena (Nicole Castelli).

In Milan November from 15 to 18 visitors can admire and discover ENERGICA the  green-tech expression of the pushful heart of a company born and raised in the land of the sport cars. Visitors will also receive a discount ticket to visit the Casa Enzo Ferrari Museum at a cut-rate.

CRP @ EICMA Hall 6 Booth C34

7 November at 5.00 pm – direct live from the Casa Enzo Ferrari Museum of Modena
. ENERGICA the first Italian prototype of electric motorcycle made by the CRP Group.

Visit us at (Visitaci su)

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