eCRP to have a running Energica prototype at EICMA

Not much for me to say other than it is nice to hear something coming from those folks.  Only a running prototype after a whole year of them not racing is a bummer.  But clearly these things take time.  Anyone want to pay for my plane ticket so I can go test ride it?  Here’s the press release:

EICMA 2012

From the racetrack to the street, from eCRP to Energica. CRP Racing will take part at the International Exhibition of two wheels to present the world’s first running prototype of electric streetbike. The next-gen superbike is a reality.

In Milan November 15 to 18 at the fair district of Rho the International Exhibition will be held: EICMA, one of the most relevant two-wheel show.

For the second consecutive year CRP Racing will be at the event and the city of Milan will be the stage once again, on which CRP will show the world premiere of the running prototype of ENERGICA, within the area dedicated to electric vehicles. The exhibition space is that of the Green Planet, in which, CRP Racing wants to ASTONISH visitors with the NEXT-GENSUPERBIKE, where functionality and creativity come together to create an environment where you can discover a real DIAMOND … of green technology: ENERGICA. The concepts of purity, strength, passion, power and style Made in Italy will be represented as always by the perfect combination of fashion of the clothes of young designers of Italian haute couture, with the design of young architects with extensive experience and a strong technological component of ENERGICA.
The exhibition reflects the passion, style and adrenaline that are part of the DNA of CRP. Great challenges in temples of speed from Europe to America were the ordinary of CRP Racing that has brought the technology of motorsport in an electric motorcycle. Only two years ago it was a dream, an ambitious project and all started from a blank sheet of paper.
But today it is reality!
Teamwork, Group CRP know-how and passion for motorsport have created one of the most significant and interesting street vehicles: ENERGICA, the first Italian electric streetbike.

The days in Milan dedicated to two wheels will be advanced by a World Preview of ENERGICA through streaming videowith CRP and with much unreleased material. The date of the live streaming will be announced in the coming weeks.

November 13 PRESS CONFERENCE – CRP RACING – 13.30 h


2 thoughts on “eCRP to have a running Energica prototype at EICMA

  1. Hello,

    thanks for publishing our press release. We are happy to give some info about the project we are carrying on.

    First of all, building a street motorcycle prototype takes long time, much more than a racing vehicle. In fact, we built the racing electric motorbike in 6 months starting from a blanket sheet. Nevertheless we achieved relevant results compared to other teams that had been working on electric motors for years before us, and that had been working on existing motorbikes just substituting the powertrain.

    In order to be focused on the development of ENERGICA, the streetbike, we have decided not to take part in the electric championships (too poor the grid and the visibility compared to the too high cost of travelling for teams).

    We hope you can have the time to travel to Italy and visit the show EICMA personally, in order to see ENERGICA. We will be pleased to talk to you and answer to your questions.


    CRP Group Staff

  2. Sorry to take so long to reply, and thank so very much for replying!

    I have to let you now there is no way I can afford a trip to Italy of all places. The only way I could afford the short flight to Daytona, which is the closest race to where I live, is through the kindness of my readers and listeners. Maybe someday, but not anytime soon. Thank you, again.

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