What should we expect for media coverage?

I know right.  “Umm, earth to Richard.   You are part of the problem.”  Yes I am, and I do my best to be part of the solution.  But as the man says, I Yam what I Yam.  But there were some comments from bloggers and forum members a while back that stories from the races were not coming up fast enough onto the TTXGP website this year.  And I was in agreeance for a minute.  But as I would watch MotoGP, AMA, and World SBK racing, and though back to the days when I started watching it, and I noticed the on-demand world we now live in.  Also, as I make plans for Daytona I am starting to get a better picture of the logistics involved.  It’s not like it’s a good idea for me to shove my phone in Steve Atlas’ face as soon as he jumps off his bike.

When I started watching motorcycle racing, on the then Speedvision (yes I am that old), it was the only outlet I knew of to watch or even hear of racing.  There was race coverage in the motorcycle magazines, but it was a black and white paragraph hidden in the back of the magazine, compared to the colored pages review about the latest sport bike.  And the race talked about had been over for probably a month, if not more.  Now there were sites like Superbike planet that I could have gone to for news, but I simply was not aware of them.  It was Speedvision, and that was it.  Now this was 1996 and Superbike racing was 8 years old, had serious factory involvement, and a serious fan following in Europe.  So there was enough of a market that there was television coverage coming out of Europe who’s TV rights needed only to be bought.  And the what is now MotoGP, had been around for decades, had massive factory involvement, most definitely was being televised, and was also on Speedvision.  Since then the internet has grown, as with the number of sites that cover the sport, and the amount of coverage available from the Sport’s own websites.  You can pay for tons of video coverage all season long in MotoGP.  Although that is not yet available for the Super Bike World Championship.  Instant access to results and stories is an expectation.  Heck, fans all but form an angry mob if the racing isn’t live.

But my point is these are long established series with promoters and big factories drawing sponsor dollars.  How much should we expect from brand new series that are both promoting and sanctioning their series?  It’s double duty.  Don’t be fooled.  The FIM only sanctions (enforces the rules and organizes certain aspects of the race) where the promoters (Dorna and InFront) promote the races.  I have always wondered who really foots the bill to get the teams, who can’t afford it, to the races.  Yes, these series are so big and established that they find money for teams who can’t stay in the series otherwise.  Well, when they have it.  Anyway there is money, and at one point it was flowing pretty well.  Now-a-days not so much.  But, in comparison the electric sreies are budget series.  They do not have the man power or cash to do things anywhere near like things are done in MotoGP or WSBK. Or the AMA for that matter.

In the US we have folks like David Herron who can get to the races and get us the results right away.  Many of the online magazines were covering the electric races as well.  But that seems to be waning.  But, I think it is OK if we have to wait a day or two for news from Europe.  Until there is enough money and attention to the sport that press people can afford to go to and cover these races, I am not sure how mad we can get.  Keep following, and keep bitching.

2 thoughts on “What should we expect for media coverage?

  1. Nice post. As you know I have been bringing the Australian TTXGP series to the youtube masses for two seasons now and it is a tough gig. Basically I shoot for three days, edit for about two days, post produce for one day and then upload to youtube. That’s six days work, unpaid, on my own broadcast gear. I can speed things up a bit but to provide quality documentary coverage, it’s time consuming. It’s no real problem to stick some graphics on there and upload the onboards. It’s the narrative and documentary structure that takes the time. Now if this was my regular day job, or a paid gig, then I could prioritize and get the media out faster. So unfortunately without financial investment there will always be a time lag in coverage. So my focus is in providing quality watchable media that can be viewed years from now and be entertaining.

    It is brilliant that David Herron and yourself are taking the initiative to provide coverage for these events. the teams are also playing a big part in publicizing their own efforts. ArcEV racing in the UK regularly tweet their progress and the CATAVOLT and RIPPERTON here in Australia are also quite active on the forums. CATAVOLT has a bigger media presence because Jon is always out there promoting.

    So my philosophy is that we should try to get ‘some’ media out there quickly such as photographs, race reports while behind the scenes be working on producing quality entertainment, podcasts, videos that can be listened to and watched well after the season has finished,.

    I still recommend Mark Neal’s Fully Charged to noobs even though the tech has moved on from Cedric’s brushed AGNI’s to Liquid cooling. I think the question that needs to be asked. Do you want flash in the pan, soon to be forgotten race facts or quality time enduring media? I vote for the latter. Stay tuned to http://www.evmotorcycle.org there’s more to come.

    Keep up the reporting dude! The EVworld is very grateful for your efforts.

  2. Great and insightful reply. Thank you!

    The work you do for the Aussie series is awesome, and I only wish we had someone able to do similar things here in NA and in Europe. However, I feel the TTXGP does a good job getting video out considering all that they are trying to do at the same time and the number of people they have. See you at Daytona!

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