VT Bolt has dropped out of the World Final. Here is the Press Release:

The Virginia Tech Bolt Team

After two weeks of testing and calculations, we have decided that it is not in the best interest of the team to race at Daytona this year. This decision was made because we feel that our time and resources will be better spent focused on our 2013 bike, and academics. The bike we have been racing until now was not designed to compete at Daytona, and our recent calculations reflect our doubt in its ability to finish the race at a speed high enough for our standards. We have had a great summer working with everyone in the TTXGP, and are looking forward to coming back next year.

I had received a message from them a few days ago, that in order to stay upright (well perpendicular) on Daytona’s banking they had to maintain darn close to 100mph around the banking.  That might be where they got the 9kWh of energy needed.  It is really disappointing for me as I was very much looking forward to finally meeting them in person.  It is also disappointing as I was hoping to see them collect a TTX75 World Championship Award.  But clearly the North American TTX75 Award was enough, and whatever it is they are working on for next year must be so cool that they’d rather work on it than run Daytona.  The factory’s should be nervous.

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